A curious finding in the suitcase of the late pop icon, Prince. Jon Robberson, producer of the Hagmann Report, alerts his followers that within a crime scene …



  1. To shed some light, Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness, so he was a Christian. He surely believed in the nephilim giants.

    We believe that the nephilim were offspring of Angels that left their original positions in the heavens with God to have sex with women on earth and produced these giant offspring.

    These giants were extremely violent, thus the earth was violent at that time. Likewise the earth is extremely violent today.

    So God had regretted that he had created men and brought a flood to cleanse the earth, but before he did that Noah preached to that generation, but only his family listened and were saved in the boat. They took no note until the flood came.

    Today we are in a similar situation. The earth is filled with violence and Jehovah God is going to cleanse the earth of violence and those ruining the earth through Armageddon by killing the wicked and those that don’t listen to the good news of the kingdom of God that we preach.

    Jesus compared our days (the last days) to the days of Noah. That’s how the end will come. It will come unexpectedly and soon.

  2. I loved Prince. I watched an interview where he said he was Jahovah Witness. He also talked about chem trails and being aware of what was going on with government, just a lot of topics that most entertainment people won’t discuss.

  3. HB. I found your channel when u had 10(ish) subs. I thought you were the coolest chick ever!! BUT NOW to find out you're interested in Nephilim, Giants, Fallen Angels mating with human chicks!?!?!? Well I didn't think it was possible but I ♥️you more than ever!!!

  4. his day of death April 21, 2016 coincides with some sort of "purple" thing…not his song or his image, something Illuminati…April 21 2016 FULL MOON IN SCORPIO…..could be wrong but what interests me is …. why the band aids??? also he was one of the first known names to confess about chemtrails on live t.v. ….but was criticized for it of course…..

  5. Remember, those involved don't always know that they're involved. The mind control victim has an amnesiac front and does not know that they're controlled until something happens to wake them up. Usually around 30 yo it starts..

  6. God bless Sis!! As usual, praying God's continual protection around you and yours!

    Also, I was wondering if you follow Gonz Shimura, Chris White and Douglas Hamp any as well?

  7. I've seen some basketball players that are tall, but they're lanky. However, I did meet a team from Australia and they were absurdly massive. I'm pretty tall, but these guys were huge! Their fingers were so big, they were literally 3 times the size of mine.

  8. It is cool! I have remember Christ died for everyone as terrible as they might be and that Jesus told us to love our enemies. He even said while suffering the cross, "Father, forgive them they know not what they do." It's been so hard for me not to condemns these child predators and wicked people. I've always have had trouble loving anyone evil. BUT when I take a step back and look at the whole picture, I know that they are only vessels of clay who've sold out to the demonic forces that rule over them and that in a way they are trapped. Who knows how many want to be set free but don't believe they can? Maybe Prince was tired of his demons like Lady Gaga is and Britney Spears is. Maybe we should pray more for them. They need deliverance. I know they fear for their lives. I also know when praying for their forgiveness, it binds the demons in them and those who do spells etc are powerless when targeted with prayer. I hope Prince came to know the King of Kings before he died too. I pray for you too Honey Bee! For your protection, peace of mind and success that you don't grow weary in doing all the good you do. God bless you!

  9. I don't read much books but I know 100% that Jesus is the only way to heaven. I do transvestitigations all celebrities are trannies. Prince works for SATAN his/she was born female & you know the rest of my research to be factual. Don't believe me prove me wrong hens, think for yourself VEGANISM is a satanic religion.

  10. So glad to hear you speak about Gen Six and all associated with them. Those around me look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about it. So encouraged to see all the great comments of support and to find another believer that doesn't fall for the watered down version of what they want us to think.

  11. Prince was a JW… He also was in To conspiracy theories..especially Chem trails.. i'm not sure if he truly was saved but I know he had some deep rooted religious beliefs!! I have Steve's collection as well I am so glad he collaborated with Tim Albarino they are awesome together!!!

  12. Just read your Bible Mellisa let God talk to your heart.❤️❤️ Let God teach you through His Word. A lot of these things can get your eyes off God and reading Gods Word. Love you

  13. Prince was also into chem trails ( talking about them on tv interviews ) and into the economic fraud that is happening to us all ( he had large amounts of gold coins at his home)

  14. Prince was wide awake for many years. He spoke about it in many interviews and some say he was targeted for Demise because of his outspoken ways about Chem trails the sky etc. He was in fear of people coming after him and became reclusive in many ways. He was always religious so it makes sense he would continue reading about the Truth! Bless Prince he was the real deal and so talented.

  15. I don't recall Prince being a practicing JW. He may have been spiritual but, he was not religious, IMHO. Most of his music leaned way to the naughty side and some of it was down right gutter rolling nasty. The song "Darling Nikki" comes to mind. o.O


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