Without God’s guidance, our response to suffering is a futile attempt to find solutions to conditions that cannot be solved. We are plummeting into a world where, in spite of wonder drugs and medical breakthroughs, suffering will become more intense. For all suffering, we know, is not physical. Today more than ever we need to find the strength to live life to the fullest.

Personal pain has been with us since the beginning of mankind, however, in spite of the wars and diseases of the past, there has never been a time when a mirror on the world has reflected so much despair. People are changing (in the wrong way), there is no longer love, materialism is at its peak, the truth is slowly becoming an alien thing and sometime people prefer to hear a lie than the truth! Nothing seems to satisfy. Not politics, not education, not material possession. I have seen many rich men having sleepless nights…and you might wonder what they lack while they seem to have everything.

As men and women seek to find spiritual independence (independence from God), they have lost a sense of purpose in life. The worth of human personality is often equated with what we do for a living, a person’s occupation, community standings, or bank account…How shallow! The dignity of a human being is worth far much more than that and the diversity in humanity is a gift to show us the true value of life!

While individual suffering has no respite and the collective suffering continues, there are those who have found refuge in the midst of the rubble. what’s the difference between the paraplegic woman with the smile that lights up the room and the millionaire with a suicide wish? Or what makes one person accept and keep his balance during a painful time, and another become a self-pitying whiner?

As mankind sees it’s reflection, it’s not a pretty sight!

There is so much suffering going on around us – or in us. It can either be personal suffering or in helping to bear in the burden of others.

We can react with bitterness as some do or accept pain as a natural part of life and a conditions that comes with living in this world. We cannot avoid suffering, but we can determine our response to it.

This article was not going to provide solutions to dealing in life’s challenges and personal pain but provide food for thought. Peace will not be found from outside – not in the gadgets, cars, money or lifestyles, but rather deep within you. Learn to take quiet moments where you go deep with yourself and find who the real you is. Also build a relationship with God, God is irreplaceable in your life.

It’s my prayer that many voices from troubled hearts may find peace in this world of pain and hope in the midst of hopeless situations.

Source by Eric Kimaita


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