This video is for Educational purposes- “The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over…



  1. Já tem mais de 70 anos que essas esferas luminosas já foram registradas… hoje em dia tais esferas estão rondando TODAS as cidades do planeta Terra o dia inteiro.

  2. i saw five fire balls close up traveling up the cornish coast in straight formaton in 2008, from about 800ft, round in shape coated in a rippling yellow plasma, going about 150 miles per hour, about 600 ft of the earth, had a very good veiw, no wings or noise, looks like visitors enjoying coast veiws, but not from earth.

  3. "Foo fighers" did NOT come from any damned french word. It was first coined by Donald Meiers – an American radar operator serving with the 415 Night Fighter Squadron. Meiers was an avid reader of a popular American newspaper cartoon strip "Smokey Stover" who used the nonsense word "foo". Meiers was frustrated during his mission debriefing by a S-2 (intelligence officer) who did not believe Meiers report of a red ball of fire that chased his plane and told the S-2: ""… it was another one of those fuckin' foo fighters!" After the war, the name was cleaned up and became just "foo fighters".

  4. Walking the dog with Mrs years ago, normal suburban area of England, near a nice wood by houses during daytime etc… we saw a small orange light, like a big fire-fly, floating and then moving around the house rooftops – it would be within 50ft one second and then be 200ft away a split second later – it just danced around the houses for a good minute and then just popped-off… we both know what we saw was seriously weird and unexplainable…never seen anything like that before, or since…

  5. I saw a foo fighter in 1974 and after much reflection I feel foo fighters are GOD's laser pointers and he points them around at us and says look how dumb those humans are, when we make a big fuss!! ?????

  6. One of those silver coloured spheres went over east London roughly in 2003, It flew south towards City Airport at 80mph, 300 feet altitude, and a sleek looking black helicopter was following it, matching its speed and altitude about 800 feet behind it. I watched it for about 10 seconds from my car. They are not man made.

  7. KGB has Foo or Nikola Tesla free energy flying machines just like CIA. Russian pilot got spooked by Foo from KGB without any other disabling condition. Pilot was tested like cattle cause they can do it. Only ray from Foo might cause immune system damage to animals was tested on cattle might give people aids so look out for Foo overhead.

  8. I loved this show when I was younger it's right up there with Unsolved Mysteries! I remember watching a program about Foo Fighters where a gunner shot at one and as he removed his goggles realized his bullets went straight through it.

  9. WW2 had some great stories come out of it. However the unmentioned horror stories far outnumber those of good. My grandfather mentioned many men were living in an alternate reality most of the time but they all were aware of what was going on around them…weird shit…

  10. Orange balls of light huh.. They're still around.. Guess I'll call them foo fighters now.. Btw they come out of what only can be described as a wormhole.. Eye witness here..

  11. A Historical and Physiological Perspective of the Foo Fighters of World War Two.

    By Jeffery A. Lindell
    B.A. Indiana University Folklore Institute
    Electronic Warfare Systems Analyst USAF (Ret.)
    A Historical and Physiological Perspective of the Foo Fighters of World War Two (2013 – Revised version.)


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