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  1. you mean US Army Lt Col Michael Aquino, dudes record is no joke.

    and Wiccans practice witchcraft but Wicca is not witchcraft and not everyone who practices witchcraft is Wiccan.

  2. Durdy bastards. I have a nature based cure for 'em. Large bunches of fresh stinging nettles on the gooblies. Asteraceae up the moosh and a few daisies for good measure.

  3. And for all the people out there who think the Nazi's failed, you just keep telling your self that. LOL If your willing to do the research. Thats what the Nazi's want people to think. They lost the battle but not the war. Who do you think the UFO's were in the 1950's that flew over the US capital. They were not aliens that time. It was some Nazi secret societies.Like the Vrill and black sun secret Nazi cults etc, that signed a treaty with Eisenhower. Then they infiltrated every corporation, banks, Movie industry and Nasa (Nazi) with operation paper clip. Which was declassifies right after Iron man 2 was released. Nasa and Walt Disney was involved also thats why you see a lot of cult propaganda in Disney cartoons and movies. Peace for all.

  4. you don't have to be in groups to practice and you can do what you will in your group .it looked as though they picked the weirdest groups so as to discredit magic or make it look bad .but to me that's what they did to the other religions as well .at leased I hope they did .
    that's a lot of crazy fuck groups
    I'm I pagan but I don't do hardly any of that stuff .
    pagan means person of the woods .
    theses guy didn't look very woodsy to me .

  5. Good to see that viewers can spot order followers & goobers when they see them. Back in the 80's these guys had clout & brain washing cred because people had not seen many goobers before! Beware that some of these goobers are dangerous though – just look up the video of the man in England escaping off the balcony of one of the Palaces. Aye, the rulers with power REALLY like these games to.

  6. NO meth, no orgies and induction into lizard stargate… wtf!? not very much research done on this, this is like a bunch of grown up kids playing dungeons and dragons. BORING the nice Lady at 10:0013:30 knows whats up though.


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