We’re unboxing a Fuego Box in our third month as members of their monthly service, thanks to superfan Dan Hunt. We made pasta: https://youtu.be/0pfgtu3R1ow MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkar…



  1. Was it not the Allman Brothers that wrote Wagon Wheel???
    Greg Allman to be exact?
    Maybe not, I'm off to the YouTube rabbit hole to find out.
    Hey, mama rock me!!!
    Corey, say hi to your stripper, I caught her eating by her pole, so, technicaly, she has been in an episode.
    I'm heartbroken that you said you got a girlfriend in one of the last episodes, but I'm happy for ya, IM REAALYY REAALLY FREKINK HAPPY YOU FOUND LOVE!!!
    I'm kidding, hope the GF'S will get there own Muckbang Monday!?!?
    Or, LET them watch old Number six with Cheese early eps.
    They might laugh till they pee, or cry cause you two are funny ass fuck.
    Shit, you all should do stand up.
    Bet you wish you were a baller too.
    Crap, I'm just quoting Too Short.
    Love ya


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