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  1. You guys keep on repeating that trope that Syria "warned" ahead of time that the rebels were planning on committing a false flag attack with chemical weapons & blaming it on Assad as supposed proof that it was a false flag attack by the rebels as if that's a credible claim is making lose a lot of respect for you guys. The reason is that just the fact that the Assad regime made that "warning" is proof to me that Assad was responsible for the chemical attack. You "warn" of a false flag & then attack yourself & then claim it was the other guy since well hey here's proof we warned they'd do it ahead of time. How naive do you have to be to actually believe such B.S.?
    Please explain to me something: If I was to warn right now that you have a plan to rob a bank next month & blame it on me & then the bank get's robbed on that date? When I get prosecuted for it if I tell the judge & the jury that my proof that I didn't rob the bank is that I "warned that you planned to rob it" on that exact date a month in advance. Do you think that would get me off the hook for the bank robbery?
    Are you for real?
    You already what the truth & the accurate answer to that question is so just take that & apply it to this propaganda bullcrap that it's some sort of proof that Assad (who used chemical weapons 100's x of times before) didn't do it.

  2. There must be a 2nd Revolutionary War soon.
    Evil does not prevail when good men fail to talk, evil prevails when good men fail to ACT.

    This is why nothing is getting done about Soros, the Clintons, the Bush's, the globalist puppet politicians, corrupt enemy infiltrators and enemy combatants in all areas of government and our nation from top to bottom, about pedogate, about the fake news media propaganda machine, about the massive corruption, about the attacks on our nation and our people from every angle and avenue possible that has been ongoing for decades and has increased with intensity in recent years, and WHY NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO STOP THIS????



    We have failed President Trump. He told us from the very beginning that he cannot do this alone, that he needed our help, and we have failed him. Now look at what has happened.
    We need to put the blame where it rightfully belongs, take a good damn look in the mirror.

    Talking about all the corruption is doing NOTHING. The only thing people need to be talking about is handling this corruption the way that our founding fathers would have, then ACT ON IT!

    We need to take matters into our own hands and quit being afraid to do so. If not, our nation will be destroyed.

    Either a few people will die for fighting for what's right and doing what is truly necessary to put a stop to this corruption, or we're going to sit back and remain on the sidelines while we allow the corruption and the enemies from within to utterly Destroy This Nation and the lives of possibly everyone in America.

    Those are the two choices we have. Where is the real voice of reason, logic, justice and TRUE SELFLESS PATRIOTISM for America? Because we are not hearing it. We do not have REAL leaders Among Us. And if this doesn't change and I mean change very soon, ALL will be lost.

  3. SGT report uploaded a video on 18k children murdered for organ harvesting. Does anyone remember John Paul Jackson telling us that Turkey would rise with evil in it's heart? Well, it has. Joe, Doug can you get Sean to come on and speak? GOD bless us all, and keep us as we sleep.

  4. Joe, Doug, you guys are probably the most honest reporters I seen, and not covering up for Trump when he does something wrong. Just wish I had unlimited funds to support you guys.

  5. トランプ大統領は軍への指揮はしないと思う。
    I think President Trump will not command the military.
    The intervention should consult with the military and it is not decided by dogma.
    That is the president

  6. So glad you are covering these nutrition topics. I am gluten and lactose intolerant. I have hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, fatty liver disease, ankylosing spondylitis (an autoimmune disease), asthma, polycystic ovarian syndrome, IBS, GERD, and erosive gastritis. Luckily the last 3 have improved drastically since I changed my diet and quit drinking diet soda and took gluten out of my diet. Have recently had tests come up abnormal and getting tested for uteran cancer in a week. I am only 26. I thought I wouldn't be able to have children after my daughter, but I am hopeful that maybe I can have another if I don't have cancer and if the pain from the AS isn't too bad. Which AS can be affected by diet as well. It is just insane!

  7. So they broke the law, went against the Constitution, and why are they not being arrested? Everything is backwards and it seem to be taken lightly, unless things are happening behind the scenes? I don't think so.

  8. I could be wrong but isn't Donald Trump the Commander in Chief of the military and the absolute tippy top of the chain of command. Your info of him being given 2 choices tells me all I need to know about the president. He always has that 3rd choice of telling the advisors to shove those 2 choices up their own asses and not bomb anything. Trump is a joke.

  9. Please don't buy this man's book. I wish Doug and Joe would not have him on. This kind of hyper-salesmanship does not give God the Father, through Jesus Christ, the Glory. We have The Word of God…The Bible. No man knows when Christ will return. He does not want us to concentrate on "end times". I feel this man is abnormally interested in the dark side. Where does the Bible tell us to go and seek out these demonic forces like he does? He is really excited about the horror. Satan is real, but the Bible does not ever tell us to dwell on what men speculate and sell their books by claiming we need them to understand it. This sort of hype appeals to the flesh. Our God is not God of confusion or fear. Please beware of "prophets" who sell books and seem to know more than the children of God. It is an evil world. It has always been. God wants to speak to us individually through his Word and the Holy Spirit.


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