Giam Q Ancient Aliens David Wilcock Fulford



  1. A CW Chanter disclaimer should be played before any Wilcock , Goode & Parkes video are played 😁. Keep up the "keeping it real" work my friend. Separating the wheat from the chaff in the alternative media. Hugs from England. 👍

  2. Chanter shuffling Tarot cards but you dont believe in Christ? Loved your show I can not deny your likeabilty. You make some good points but SRA is real. Its complicated. You said about two years ago that Max Spiers died of an overdose and it seems that way at face value. There was alot more to that story though. If you really watched ALL those polish interviews you would know there is more to it. For a start why even interview a guy in that state? Where am I going with all this…your too CYNICAL. LOL. I agree bases is a sham and I dont agree with alot of what Max said but still! Lots if layers to Maxs story and they found no drugs in the autopsy. Strange. Something tells me that brother of yours rocks! 😉

  3. Besides Jesus being an awesome dude, and there being a higher power, a Divine consciousness, all religions are false, yet Jesus after he found out about monatomic gold from the Pharaohs, bread of life, elixir of life, Food of the Gods, or Mufcutz which translates to, what is it, he came back and that's when all of those Miracles happened. Monatomic gold and monatomic elements are most of your light body your spirit your intelligence. In the lab they're considered high spin low state and are highly energetic compared to normal atoms. They are considered the fifth state of matter. If you study monatomic elements everything else will start making sense. I promise you people if you get healthy lots of minerals monatomic elements volcanic soils and organic food within a few months you will feel that your light body your spirit will be much stronger and smarter and you will know what is real and what is not good luck my friends, please do not believe this loser


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