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  1. washington the new HITLER on orwellian doublespeak. when washington says peace is war, when washington says freedom is slavery when washington says strength it is ignorance, welcome to HITLER'S ORWELLIAN ANIMAL FARM USA OF AMERICA.

  2. He speaks the truth…I agree with him on many points….he just says it much more eloquently than I do
    Whenever there is a scientific breakthrough, there are two questions that are asked immediately….
    1)How can we profit/grow rich from it?
    2)How can we weaponize it?

  3. In the end we all will die, life is to be used as your vessel to the final judgement of your souls next destination. Nothing you own now and later can be brought with you in the afterlife, all that will matter is how much of a difference you've made on Earth for others. Down with the schools, down with the media, down with pollution, and down with hidden agendas.

  4. as technology are getting more and more advance life must advance with it.
    but today as technology advance profitering from the problems of life are getting more and more advance too.
    when we have the technologies to make life easier and easier to live yet everyday life is getting harder and harder to live.
    more and more become poor and poor every time rich people get richer. . the gap is enormous. only 10% of people owns billions and billions of half of the worlds resources
    while the rest 90% of billions and billions of people are in puverty.

  5. I'm losing my mum to cancer now . She had 2 tumours 10 weeks ago , then she had radiotherapy , now she's got 9 ?? The bastards spread my mums cancer, they blasted it everywhere….nutrition is the key , a topped up immune system, B17. Amigdalin, EBC 46. Vitamins, phytonutrients are what kills cancer not chemotherapy or radiotherapy ! X ✌🏽❤️

  6. 2:29 Absolutely true. Lawyers destroy justice and the human perception that justice could be served. They will band with the other sides lawyers to extract the most $$ they can. When they take on your case they do an assessment of your net worth.
    When the case is closed, if you're the one paying out money, you must answer an extensive questionnaire stating your financial activities during the legal proceedings, including if you put money in trust, if you had an inheritance during this time, every list of assets and what you did with the assets.
    Most lawyers even have a question asking how much your jewellery is worth, your furniture, vehicles etc. Not to mention real estate.

    Your financial worth before and after the trial have to balance when they number crunch or they can check your accounts. This questionnaire is a signed document and god help anyone caught lying to them. They can lie all they want, and they do, but no one else is allowed to lie at all. It's called perjury in all it's forms, which they have immunity against.
    They will team together to see how much they can get from you and it's not uncommon to attempt to take everything you have.
    They don't want justice, they want to win and they want money. Lots of money.

  7. communist country how? they had never killed people like west whrite race. if not the communist country balance the world. you all had already under the rule of one world government .the brain had been implanted chip.vaccinated. become permanent slave.

  8. In my view education terminates after reading, writing and arithmetic. Reading and writing can help with communicative needs and wants and arithmetic can help towards realising that what we perceive is not necessarily what the truth is. History must be near the top or at the top of the list regarding indoctrinated subjects.

  9. I remember the school dragged the kids into assembly when Pink Floyd brought
    out the "Brick in the Wall" single , (See pic at 2.54) to tell us the schools
    are not programming the pupils. Waving a cane at us made is easier for them back then.

  10. This was brilliant David! Everything you said is sooo true! You hit the nail on the head in everything you said! You are amazing. I'm I big fan of yours. Keep up the good work. It's much needed more now than ever! 👍✌👏👏👏👊

  11. Astute and insightful. Cognitive Dissonance is one of the principle reasons why humanity is on its knees. Because it willfully ignores its oppression and servitude in order to lazily abscond from autonomy and authentic identity.

    The Zombie Three are: Cognitive Dissonance / Stockholm Syndrome / Co-dependency

  12. Ludacris is having George H Papi bush poppy because it represents the opium in Afghanistan. And then George boy brush the dumb down monkey brain this is dumb as a box of rocks. And like you said his best friend used to be Jack Daniel kind of says it all. They just love their Poppy

  13. for those awake these days…. come to Australia the biggest Sheeple nation on the planet. Everyone is either deep into TV or Facebook. They just don't care what the Govt. does to them.

  14. The people maybe hearing your message David but they don't make policy or have anything to say in the power levels beyond politics. Unity is needed but difficult to acconplish in increasing chaos. People have to start living the knowledge, it is not enough to know and not act upon it. The knowledge becomes a bit of trivia and ends up on the self as a bit of knowledge that was good to know but not life altering or consciousness revolutiin or evolution.

  15. When we fight each other the satanic elite watches in delight 'look at those retards'. Bear in mind your average youtube troll is not going to take your children, rape them and sacrifice them.


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