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  1. In the Hillary leaked emails, one of them was from George himself. In the content of that email; George told Hillary he wanted her to go into Libya and take out Gadhafi. What many people don't know is; George is the front man for the Rothschild's. He takes his marching orders from them. Hillary and many other politicians take their marching orders from him. George also started the Ukraine war, sending in Black Water mercenaries who shot at both protesters and the police at a protest. They both thought the other was shooting at them and this is how the war began. Once again; the "agitation" effect worked beautifully!

  2. George Soros is Evil. I wonder if he is the gender he claims to be. But, I just found out that Adolf Hitler was transgendered, he was a Woman 100% proof. So, who is behind this evil Stooges? I believe it's the Vatican. Here is the Video:

  3. Soros is a piñata that can be bashed in lieu of the even bigger interests. He's a quintessential frontman, no less than the smiling politician; he gives us what we want, feeding our fantasies, in order to fool us into thinking that there is nothing bigger standing behind him.

  4. Soros tried this in the USA..IT DID NOT WORK. We The People spent a fortune investigating this exact thing and found NOTHING. Read up on it. He is a big troublemaker – not just in US & UK, but in loads of other countries.

  5. World Gov will be Talmudic and through Communist subversion it will emerge, though Communism is just a means to an end and 90% of the useful idiots like the traitors in media and Governments that help get it realized will be killed in the first week.

  6. For several days leading up to the Brexit referendum, every single exit at every single tube station in London was manned by two to four "remain" campaigners, handing out stickers and leaflets. Now that takes big money and and logistical planning. I wonder who paid for all this and how long it was planned for. Doubtless a certain slimy Hungarian was involved.

  7. What is that statement Bane kept making in the last Batman movie?
    "It does not matter WHO we are, what matters is our PLAN."
    Evil is the outward expression of the many, the 'legion' inferred in every exorcism. The ends justify the means…corruption of everything, especially truth, to achieve any goal; the very nature of evil.

  8. George Soros and Frank Furedi both play for the same team, Furedi describes himself as a Marxist and is married to Ann Furedi CEO of BPAS the UK's main abortion provider. Ann Furedi's Marxist ideology is what fuels her radical abortion views in agitating for abortion on demand and the removal of gestational time limits, she campaigns for the removal of the 24 week limit and believes abortion should be available up until birth. Ann Furedi has been campaigning in Ireland for the removal of the 8th amendment which would remove Ireland's anti abortion laws. Under the 8th amendment Drs are required to treat pregnant women as two patients both with equal rights, this has resulted in maternity care in Ireland of a very high standard with both patients viewed as having a right to life. Removal of the 8th amendment is a removal of recognition of the unborn baby being a unique individual with a right to life, it's removal will open Ireland to the abortion market and the vultures of this industry.George Soros has also been directing funds to Ireland via UNICEF in attempts to remove the 8th amendment.

  9. Connect another dot.  I watched a YouTube  clip and the producer of it said 85 % of the us is living from pay check to pay check how could you prepaid for a celestial /earth   happening let loan a war choose your god  don't co to a fema camp sure death sorry there always hope .dave


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