Are you a golem filled with Satan’s commands like a puppet with strings being pulled by the adversary? Or are you a golem with YHWH’s words put into your …



  1. My sin is I want Jesus to come. This world is so corrupt that I am starved for something righteous. I can not find anything to relieve my anxiety. Everything about our nature is fallen, we are evil and wicked beyond our imagination, and so introspection seems moot. I only feel desire to see and know Jesus. This is a condition of chronic yearning for my Creator.  Perhaps a little wooden Pinocchio can relate?

  2. if you have one father…and no mother even mentioned…you are abortion dna/transhumanists….the mother is protected..he wars with HER SEED….call no man father on earth for one is your father is why daughter zion has a father daughter covenant..but its her father and not yours…

  3. Hello, It is NOT referencing "Chakra's" Dear, That's Hinduism…It's referring to the 7 spirits of ELOHIM Ruach of Emuna/Wisdom, Ruach of understanding, Ruach of Counsel, Ruach of Might, Knowledge, Reverence and Awe. Child, if you need further guidance please go to my channel. I have 35 yrs. of Zealous scripture study under my Belt. It's what I was made to do! I'm NOT a paid teacher, I just share my Knowledge with those Truth seekers who need Guidence down the Narrow Path. Also I would call Ahiyah YAHUWAH (Scriptures tels us that He will not hold any one guiltless who brings his name to naught!) I spent a whole Year just researching YHWH's Name and His Ben's Name YaHUsHA YHUH + SHA. The name Yahweh is from when Israel was back slidden and in Apostasy In Babylon they began calling Him Yahweh and the feminine Shekina. Yah Baruch!

  4. Goy simply means not-Jewish, in modern usage, and is not necessarily derogatory. Many are told that being called Goyim is derogatory, when it is simply plural for Goy. Golem is another word misunderstood in modern usage, particularly in America, and often by Jews themselves. Today, it simply means a very large, strong Jewish person, particularly either a soldier or police officer. How we use these words depends upon the context and situations in which they are used. And you used them correctly, FY, for the most part. The Golem, for example, was a kind of medieval fable at one time, particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia, and was used to reassure persecuted Jews that there was a hidden, mystical creature who would come to their defense in the event of an attack against their villages by the Pogrom (pillage and rape campaigns waged against Jews and other ethnic minorities by local militias). So, when we hear these words used, we shouldn't presume they are derogatory or being used in their literal sense, just as we don't make such presumptions with all kinds of other words we may or may not be familiar with. Thanks for making this, FY. It was very interesting and informative

  5. Thought this was interesting "Biblical Adam (man, mankind) is created from adamah (earth), and Genesis 1-8 makes considerable play of the bond between them, for Adam is estranged from the earth through his disobedience.[2]" Concerning what word to put on the Golem's forehead: ""Popular "activation" word choices were adam (the first man, created out of the earth) and emet (truth). When it came time to deactivate the golem, the first letter of these words would be erased: without aleph, Adam becomes dam (blood), and without aleph, emet becomes met (dead). When the "live" word became a "dead" word, the golem would shut down. If a Name of God had been written on a parchment placed in the mouth (or occasionally under the skin) to activate the golem, it was simply removed to deactivate it.",


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