The secondary villain of Alien has been overshadowed by the exotic creature, but is a masterfully scripted and performed character in his own right. WEBSITE: …



  1. Very insightful, as usual, Rob.

    One suggestion: The volume of the film clips was WAY lower than yours. I couldn't keep them high, due to others in the house, and didn't want to keep zipping the volume up & down.

    Thumb up anyway, but a request to please check your sound levels in the future.


  2. I thought from the first, that Ash was using the rolled up magazine as a funnel to vomit down Ripleys throat. Kind of a frustrated sexual violent way to kill a human.

  3. Fascinating insight into Ash! Great vid. Alien is my favourite movie of all time and I’ve studied it to bits. Ash is an intriguing and cold character. Love his portrayal by Ian Holm. Subbed!

  4. Thanks for making this! Ian Holm's name rarely comes up, yet his portrayal of the robot character Ashe is brilliant. You just don't notice he's more sinister than the Alien itself, until after the movie is over, you're so concerned about the creature. I encourages fans to watch Alien again and focus on Ashe, Ian Holm's performance is one of the most underrated acting in films. When he waves to the crew out the window, knowing he's sending them to their deaths, brilliant.

  5. Regarding the supposed sabotage of the motion trackers in the novellization there is nothing about sabotage. Lambert sees double signal, which is correct, because there is the alien lurking and somebody states that the ventillation is far too big motion of the air particles and that causes interference on the device display so it's not a surprise that it shows jumbled signals.

  6. I always had the impression that Ash could be thought of as more of a bonified "lifeform" rather than a proper robot, he has WETWARE more than hardware afterall. He comes across as much more genuinely human than David or even Bishop, both of whom weren't designed to deceive anyone into believing they are anything other than artificial. Ash perhaps was not too deterministicly programmed, meaning that while he was ultimately a company tool, he was perhaps endowed with a superior because flexible, heuristic mind, maybe with less discriminating coding that actually purposefully ALLOWED imperfections in behaviour that David or Bishop's algorithms screened out, all to make Ash more convincingly human, but which was also responsible for his wacko and inefficient method of trying to kill Ripley.

  7. i never thought of it til now, when i saw it as a kid i always thought it was weird he was sleeping with his arms straight while everyone else has crossed arms…. almost like foreshadowing

  8. 28:47 thats because ash like the alien is bio mechanic. like the alien he represent the horror of the future . living beings turn into the space jockey

     technology and progress is the enemy in alien — everything in ship is constantly working against the protagonist ..dis-empowering them .. alien hows a future that takes your value as a human away and objectifies you, labeling you expandable

    Aliens do the opposite. technology and progress is not perfect but empowers you and helps ripely re claim the life she lost when she choose her job over her family

    and alien 3 explores how we objectify our life " Do me a favour. Disconnect me. I could be reworked, but I'll never be top of the line again. I'd rather be nothing _ bishop"

  9. 34:45 Dallas wears a breathing mask with a tube connected to something giving him air whereas Ash has a mask attached to nothing. Like he's wearing it for show and probably thinks the crew are to dumb to notice? Certainly Dallas wouldn't give a fuck about that detail.

  10. What's the difference between "he was sat", "he was sitting" and "he was seated"?

    To me "he was sitting" sounds active voice, and "he was seated" sounds like he might have been seated by an usher, passive voice.

    "He was sat" sounds passive like someone sat him there, but it doesn't seem to be the way you use it sounds like he was just sitting, and it doesn't really exist over here so we don't know what "he was sat" means.

    To me "he was sat" just sounds wrong.

  11. I speculate that the out-of-character finger waving to the three outside was a candid shot between takes, which Scott and the editor decided to keep. I think it is Ian Holm smiling to a member of the film crew.

  12. There's one more religious reference in the film. During the chest-burster scene, Lambert screams "oh god" offscreen as the camera focuses on the creature emerging from Kane's chest. Just thought you'd like to know.

  13. This is some speculation on my part but maybe Ash's strange behaviours, such as his weird jogging sequence, and his emotional reactions are part of the fact that he's, as an android, almost stretching his legs as a child might do.

    Ash is apparently unfamiliar with human emotions, maybe he's experimenting with his own behaviour to see what might be effective, practicing his "Act" in private.

  14. Rob, would you consider doing John McClain in your greatest screen heroes? I find there's something compelling in the ordinary cop using his wits and good sense vs the villains as opposed to all of the uber-macho heroes (Not that there's anything wrong with those, either IMO)

  15. I think the scene where Ash was drinking something was probably where he was replenishing hydraulic fluid, and that's what was in the glass; not milk. That's just my hypothesis. It would make sense that he'd have that considering he has the tools, and the lab to create it.

  16. I think you give Ash too much credit as "seeing all and knowing all". What's more likely: that the actor would add fake shock and surprise and swear to himself to act convincing to the crew even when they weren't there and confuse the audience? Or that he was only given orders to capture the extraterrestrial and was going through it just like the rest of them, not knowing it had acid blood or that it was dead after laying the egg and actually being surprised?


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