This is a two hour interview that contains some of the most mind blowing material and complex deep discussion that has ever been recorded. Gregory Lessing Garret is the author of a new book…



  1. Heres another thing to be aware of.Time,the calendar has at least 2 resets.The more the controllers the deceivers want to wrong foot us ,they throw in a huge expanse of time,.Ancient this lost civilization,etc,etc.Look how they do it with the measurements of space and bullshit planet nonsense.Time has been added,many resets have happened,and some awful culling have gone on.Have a look at FLAT EARTH British or ,New earth. There are many now researching just what has gone on here,history is not lost just buried under mud a lot of it.

  2. Despite the likes of Michael W. Ford, Luciferianism is not Disguised or Cowardly Satanism, but it represent the illuminating of self and society and hints at the example of other Lucifers like Daniel and Jesus.


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