Amazing video! Hiding the NASA about a UFO in our solar system or observing the planet X – March 2018 Object UFO – Planet X moves very fast! Then it stops and, without changing the size, moves…



  1. Нибиру слева на 2 минуты 40 секунды от солнце – в виде полумесяца! А это летает корабль!

  2. NASA are liars. NASA is NOT a civilian-controlled organization. it is controlled by the DOD. It's only the space program the surface plebs get to see. Yes, we are paying for all their lies and obfuscation.

  3. Glad I subscribed to your channel secureteam10 mentioned you a couple of times and I'm glad I spotted you this is a great find and NASA will never admit to anything like NASA said a planet, right it certainly looks like one…. Like I said great find 😁 loving the channel.


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