May 2018 – USA, Arizona. Leaked video from US Air Force showing discovery of huge monolith in the mountains of Arizona… Click here to read the complete …



  1. Around 10:35 AM on May 14 I got into my car which was facing east in Arizona. What caught my eye was a fast moving object in the sky that had a pointed bottom and I could see what appeared to be energy emanating from the top portion. I thought it was odd and I wanted to get this on video, by the time I managed to get my camera ready….. the main portion was already starting to fade away. Within seconds there appeared to be about 20 light light orbs in the area of this object. I noticed in one area what appeared only for a few seconds what looked like a saucer shaped object. The lights then proceeded to fade in and out in and out until they just disappeared. Keep in mind , the sky was completely clear and no clouds Were visible. If I can download this from my phone I will show the rest of the video for you to view.

  2. Just an observation, but I don't understand why some UFOs are shaped the way they are, like a box or a rectangular shape and ones that resemble basically a piece of junk! I would think that traveling through space they would be better off with something more aerodynamic, some of these things are just so weird looking, but hell, whatever!


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