This UFO was sighted in Davenport, Florida US, in January 2018. The witness states: “We noticed it right away and it was in the sky even after we returned home and looked out the back door…



  1. Ok so I'm reading the comments & all I can say since I don't live there in that area is…are these witnesses to this scene new to the area? Because if everybody knows the area well & is already use to this kind of effect when it's foggy or misty & hazy why is this particular time any different?
    I mean the spotlight explanation still doesn't convince me because wouldn't there be some kind of streaks or "tail" coming from the ground assuming the spotlights are at ground level. I'm not seeing any kind of long beams of light shooting upward from the ground? IDK just my opinion

  2. Looks like tempature inversion or something. Citys lights being cast up on the clouds. Maybe stadium lights or something..but who knows. By its very definition this is a UFO so…good catch!


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