Illuminati Symbolism – Washington DC – The Freedom Road (original video) Napisy PL



  1. Ok, but more importantly America is Rome recast. No doubt about that. The Roman senate, the divisions of power, the use of the Eagle as the natonal symbol, the Roman architectural style of the Capitol buildings. Jefferson wanted that. It may not hve looked like the old Empire builder even 100 years ago but it is clear now!

  2. Owls have big eyes and they sit there and watch. That's what they do.
    There are people that have a job and what they do with that job is watch.
    Astronomers watch for a job. They sit there and watch for a job.
    In ancient Sumeria there were people called the watchers and they were often depicted with large eyes like an owl.
    They were astronomers. But that's a giant secret.

  3. 176,195 views to be exact, while the US population stands around 314 million and the world is just over 7 billion. Once again, he doesnt have a big enough influence to be a threat, to a bunch of braindead sheep. The few who did have enough influence to make a change, MIchael Jackson, JFK, etc.,arent here but David Icke is. So before you deduce yourself to elementary debate tactics and ad hominem arguments, try to open your mind to see what the opposing side is saying.

  4. I just have one question. If this bloodline as powerful as he says and can do anything in the world as they rule it, how on earth David Icke is still alive ????? They must not be as clever as he thinks then if they let him veal their secret :))) ppl just love conspiracy!!!!!

  5. @Crimescene26 I think you're right. Just like when "The Arrivals" got lots of views they removed some parts of it. Surely, Youtube is part of the media which is controlled by the illuminati.

  6. last weekend of july cant remember exactly what day i was traveling on the george washington bridge from New Jersey into New York City..straight through the arch of the bridge directly over the road was a bright full moon it was almost perfect..actually next year im going to get a photograph of that..and if you pay attention to the side of the GWB it is the same owl from the birds eye view of DC

  7. The lines at 2:20 do not point to the solstices in DC. the solstices are 31 degrees from due east there. Note that his sets of lines ar not parallel. The author of Talisman was Charles Westbrook.


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