The Gibbs carbine is fantastic illustration of just how difficult it can be to actually manufacture a new firearm. The gun itself is a breechloading, percussion fired cavalry carbine designed…



  1. Quite a story. Tammany Hall at its finest. Looks like a potentially good design, but that camming system looks like it would get loose. The sight picture looked very good to me. No mention of caliber, but i assume it is .50. A .45 or even a .40 would make sense for a lightweight carbine- lighter bullets for less recoil, and they might shoot slightly flatter (say, 200 gr at 1200-1300 fps). Just a thought. All of these paper cartridge rifles and carbines are interesting. So many differences in one theme. The Sharps certainly seems the best, but there were some good also-rans. Great video as always. Thank you

  2. Sounds more like the mayor knew the army upon inspection and testing would not accept the crappy guns and the mayor would be out his money. So what's a mayor to do but pull the police that were protecting the factory so that the mayor can gave it burnt down and get payed.


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