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  1. Screenshot the agent….then zoom in on his left eye (on our right in photo). His left eye's pupil is NOT round. Reminds me of Biden's left eye in the "Buy a shotgun" and the PSA he did. One thing is for sure….something ain't right with him.

  2. With all the drones out there now.

    With the stabilization controls and high flying capabilities.

    They can be set to fly a set path and even cover many many miles in one run.

    Most spaceship videos are ,well 99% of them recorded are hoaxes or simple unrecognized craft.

  3. 0:002:15: dude… thats fucking mean. Its just a guy doing his job, he might have kids who’s friends watch your video and then bully his kids that their dad is a reptile alien. Wtf man…. 2:152:40 duuuh, its Voldemort, not a freaking alien

  4. I looked on some alien vids and there was a vid that the russians shot down an UFO and the survived aliens killed 24 russian soldiers, i saw vids that UFO’S shot down rockets and more, are we enemys for them?

  5. Cuba, Iran, and North Korea are the only countries left not owned by the Rothschild. I wonder how long that will last. Then the world will finally be one. We have vaccines taking care of population growth in poor areas, and aliens are stopping nuclear war. YouTube culture in a nutshell. I forgot about the flat earthers who don't get stall planes, and AI so sofisticated that it is self aware and has self produced existential concerns, as opposed of human programming making it sound that way.


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