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  1. Fuck off mate, John Anthony Wests motives are the discovery of truth in Egypt, you have some nerve, with your bullshit video, West dedicated his life to the truth .

    And the water erosion "theory" wasn't actually his, it was a dude with an impossible name to spell, (Shwallar?) and in academics eyes – It's Geologist Robert Shoch's theory, and he has the credentials to be accurate in his claim, we can all see the water erosion ourselves, it could've been Anubis, but it doesn't make much sense if it is.

    And you should be a little more respectful, you can't condemn a mans motives just because he doesn't agree with you, you need some kind of evidence to make accusations like that.


  2. Couldn’t even give us a date but the water erosion hypothesis is 100% accurate based on geological records of rainfall amounts 12,500 years ago to cause vertical water erosion you cocksucker

  3. You can tell by the way that the body lies it's not a lion sea lions have more curve in the back it's it's just like a dog which I believe is there god of death I think that had a dog say but I think it was their God that has the dog face

  4. You discredit the rainfall theory without acknowledging that the sphinx was carved from bedrock and the pyramids were not. And that the pyramids could be much younger than the sphinx. So west might be lying, and you might be too.

  5. The lion is much more compelling, there are lion statues in museums where they later carved a human head on it, the jackal ears and nose wouldn't last a few years being too thin.

  6. Old photos show the sphinx was a recently planned structure …likely carved into the rock in the 1800's

    The original YT channel has been taken down. Mass censorship happening on any topics that challenge the propaganda machine

  7. what if the sphinx is pink' eroded and stinks? or is that my ex wifes fanny…p.s who the fuck is Anna Biss? Speak the Queens English, Buttwadd

  8. Do you really think the whole World has seen the same Figures in the Sky and given stars the same names throughout history!?!

    For the ancient Egyptians, what we call Sirius (named from the ancient Greek "scorch") was associated with Isis, the mother goddess of Egyptian mythology. It was also the star of Sopdet, the Consort of Sah-Osiris (when syncretised). Rarely was it associated with Anubis, but the ancient Egyptians combined their deities and symbols constantly. Sirius and Procyon were extremely important because they gave warning of the inundation of the Nile.

    Only in Western culture, following Greek constellations, are the stars of Canis Major and Canis Minor – Orion's hunting dogs – both imagined as representing dogs. The (likely) original Mesopotamian depiction was of a bow and arrow, the ancient Greeks changed it to a dog – and Canis Minor only appeared c2000 years ago! To project ANY of our Western ideas on another country's history is nothing less than time travelling Colonialism.

    As for Robert Temple's ideas that the Sphinx was originally Anubis:

    Qualified Geologists have backed up the persistent rainfall erosion theory and dismissed standing water as a cause.

    And, quite simply, Anubis is always either depicted as a Jackal-headed biped (mangod), or on the statues it's tail always hangs straight down the back, between the hind legs – only lions/lionesses (and other cats) curl their tails up the side to the top of their backs.

    The Sphinx is FAR older than even Pre-Dynastic Egypt and has been recarved – BUT it was never aligned with the constellations we use today, which have been shown to date from Mesopotamia c2500 BC.

  9. Reading these comments, I see that some people are truly delusional! The kinds of things they believe are just downright ridiculous. All this crap about the pyramids and the sphinx being 10,000 or more years old is just absurd. All these outlandish claims, yet where's the PROOF? You all are overlooking the obvious: some of the ancient Egyptian priests in their rituals wore an Anubis mask/headpiece. You can see it in some of the hieroglyphics. The Giza complex definitely had some connection with the dead and whatever else it was that they practiced (e.g., the weighing of the heart against a feather).

  10. Beyond ridiculous to suggest that JAW was part of some conspiracy to hide the true identity of the Sphinx. If he was alive today, JAW would readily admit he doesn't know for certain what the Sphinx's original form was. And it was Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University who originally suggested that the water weathering on the enclosure walls was proof that the Sphinx was much older than thought by Egyptologists. Yes, the Anubis theory is compelling, but channels like Mystery History wouldn't exist today without men like JAW and Dr. Schoch. Instead of picking on a dead man to stir controversy and get clicks, why don't you educate yourself by reading JAW's interpretation of Schwaller de Lubicz's book "Temple of Man"? It's called "Serpent in the Sky" and its contribution to humanity is greater than anything you'll ever squeeze out in your lifetime.


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