Right-wing broadcaster Alex Jones announced Saturday evening that YouTube had frozen his video channel and would delete it on Sunday, after CNN pursued the social media giant and its advertisers….



  1. Hey news flash like it or not the content you upload to youtube is subject to their guidelines whatever they might be and you all click the little box when uploading your stuff agreeing to those guidelines. If you don't like this (i don't ) start a Newtube and abandon the YouTube platform like they did with myspace and embrace a new truly free video platform like youtube was 10 gears ago. ……soon everyone will have their own personal video platform anyway and the youtubes and the live leaks and vimeos etc. will all be obsolete 🙈🙉🙊

  2. "All warfare is based on deception"
    "Secret operations are essential in war,upon them the army relies to make it's every move",
    "To conquer the enemy without resorting to war is the most desirable. The highest form of generalship is to conquer the enemy by strategy" "The Art of War" SunTzu

  3. Man i believe ips are being flagged for either being left or right. As soon as i tried to comment on my wifes leftie ip i was getting weird internet disconnections ect. Guys if your partner is a leftie validate everything using their youtube.

  4. I say everyone needs to take their televisions cell phones and computers and Destroy them every last one of them cuz this is the gateway to Hell. I promise we will be perfectly fine without them it will take some adjusting but at least we can be her she reassured that will be okay actually better than okay.

  5. You know what's really sad as the masses don't even know this is going on because it's not on mainstream television and unless it's on mainstream television they have been programmed to not respond to anything unless they say it on television so most of the people 60 and older won't even get this and if they hear something about it it won't process.

  6. Brands are once again beating a hasty retreat after learning that they were running ads on objectionable YouTube channels. Several big brands (including Acer, Alibaba, Fox, Nike and Paramount) have suspended ads from InfoWars' channels after CNN demonstrated that their commercials were streaming on the conspiracy-peddling network's videos. The companies said they were not only unaware of the placement, but in numerous cases had set up exclusion filters to avoid displaying ads against content like this. Some also said they explicitly blacklisted InfoWars channels, but didn't realize how many channels the company actually had.

    The exposé even caught the non-profit USA for UNHCR inadvertently running ads on InfoWars, and it's going one step further by pulling all ads from YouTube. It and other organizations are asking if they can recoup the advertising money they spent on InfoWars' channels.

    We've asked Google if it can comment on the findings. In a statement to CNN, a YouTube spokesperson declined to address how InfoWars slipped through the cracks of the sensitive subject filter and instead portrayed itself as striking a balance. It vows to "uphold free expression" even when it disagrees with ideas, but added that it doesn't allow ads on videos covering "sensitive and tragic events." InfoWars frequently promotes widely discredited conspiracies around such events, including the Parkland and Sandy Hook mass shootings.

    The discovery and subsequent response highlight the ongoing challenges YouTube and some other ad-dependent services face. It's impractical for them to require manual approval for ads, but that automation also leads to offensive material slipping through the cracks — not to mention debates over what "offensive" really means. YouTube's recently instituted policy on objectionable content helps, but it's clear the system still has some inconsistencies.


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