Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is a documentary filmmaker and contemporary artist. He launched his series Extraordinary Beliefs in 2015 and since then has …



  1. I love Alejandro Rojas!!!! I became familiar with him from Martin Willis podcast(they do the news for each other's show apparently!!!) Anyway, this is the first time listening to Alejandro for me. I'm so excited!!! Thanks Alejandro and Martin!!!

  2. 👎👎 BOB LAZAR!! Well then I won’t be watching this pile of garbage. If u want anyone to know ur NOT credible just associate urself with Bob Lazar or David Wilcock.

  3. 🤦‍♂️ If this documentary even does come out it will just be a rehash of what we already know. Maybe a few interviews with locals. Bottom line we are not allowed to know the good stuff, the classified stuff. Don’t expect to learn anything groundbreaking. He is just trying to cash in on the fact that no new info has been heard about the ranch in 15yrs. Acting like he has the missing pieces. When in reality he is just rearranging the pieces we already know.


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