Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo talk about aliens, UFO’s and Tom Delonge. Taken from JRE MMA Show #5:



  1. It is pertinent,that the Nimitz had been tracking these things for two weeksbefore they finally saw one,while they had jets in the sky.Those jets weren’t sent up in response to the UFO,they were merely diverted to investigatewhen this one showed up.Did any of you hear Luis Elizondo say we have wreckage that could not have been made on earth.If true,That’s some heavy shit.I have said for years.”Of course we have been visited by aliens,but after weeks of intensive study,They decided we are too stupid to do anything useful,and taste bad besides.I know they’re real,I stood close to one in 1974 for about ten minutes.It was completely silent,and had no visible means of support.”It had a classic flying saucer shape,and was metallic.Made a believer out of me.

  2. We are to INTERSTELLAR SPACE traveling beings, as ants in an ant hill are to us. The big question I have about aliens attacking us here on earth is…idk maybe, WHYYYYYYYYY??? And no answer WHATSOEVER could suffice….because the premise is FUCKING RETARDED!
    Don't believe ANYTHING on TV, and WATCH GOOGLE CLOSE….because THERE DIRTY as SHIT….just like there intentions…SHIT!!!
    Chuck Thompson

  3. Thank you Joe Rogan for all your podcasts & shit! Seriously helps me get through so much shit in life just chilling smoking a few bowls & listening to all the stuff you talk about! You're a real ass mother fucker, & funny as he'll too! So thank you!

  4. ET's are watching us and have been since the beginning of humankind. They are personal and here to elevate our consciousness into a higher frequency so we can evolve into a human connected to all things like they are. We are all family in our DNA that is why most ET's are humanoid.

  5. What he didn’t mention was the comment made by one of the other pilots, “There’s a fleet of them!” The DOD calls these Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon to differentiate between anything unidentified and those things that are under intelligent control.

  6. Several decades ago I wrote a book whose subject matter, in general, could not be further removed from ufology. In the book I established a mechanical method pertinent to the topics discussed in it. Now, some 28 years later, I recently realized these same mechanics can possibly apply to the " propulsion" system of ufos….

  7. The majority of UFOs are secret military technology. Now, we developed this technology through reverse engineering actual alien spacecraft. But the vast majority of sightings are of our own hidden technology. There are also incredibly advanced medical treatments and cures. For such diseases as cancer and aids. Along with pretty much everything else…and also the ability to regenerate human limbs and harvest organs. Not to mention we haven't needed gas, oil, nuclear power or almost any other materials of high monetary value. Since at least the 60s we've been dooped. Its time to wake up everyone. Including Joe Rogan.

  8. 3:15 its not so much that they're just "videoing us" for their own pleasure, its because they're concerned with our hostility towards each other. If they know we are still killing each other on our own planet, what the hell would we do if we met an alien species? It's not so much because they find us fascinating, it's because we're a danger to ourselves as well as others in this universe.. we're already weaponizing space = how much evidence would we see of them? probably a great number of evidence if they're worried we're gonna do stupid shit to fuck around in this galaxy. this isn't just our galaxy

  9. see here's the thing joe , there's quad trillions of planets around billions of stars in just our tiny galaxy , who's to say that its just one race visiting us you are of the mind its just 1 race visiting there could be a million all lined up to come see the monkeys in the zoo…

  10. Dude im an alien and i jus wanna say that was exactly what i voted to do with the moon cams cause u fuckers r crazy but we got out voted so im stuck on this planet. Stupid elder counsel fucks…

  11. Well it's been stated by Bob Lazar that the Greys of the Zeta Reticuli 2 star system estimated it takes about 45 minutes to reach the earth using the UFO's gravity warp drive. This means that they can visit us almost with no effort. Also, the UFO changes pitch because it probably noticed it was being followed and changed from Omnicron mode to Delta mode where it was about to essentially jump to another point in space-time. It's all out there people.

  12. Joe, just say f-18 or f-18 superhornet. The a just stands for attack, which every fighter is an attack aircraft, now if it's an ea-18 then it's more important to distinguish the e and a, since not all electronics warfare birds are also attack aircraft.

  13. How many times can you be wrong ? You guys said tom was out of his fucking mind now he produces a authentic UFO, from a jet gun sight and you still don't catch on. Stop making a fool of yourself and check who his partners are. Official easy to verify, CIA, DIA, NSA his guys are heavy hitters. At least do some research. You think he is doing this for 100,000 he could make millions in a year of touring. Do you know how much of his own money has gone into setting this up? I do it is in the company perspectives. Every thing is transparent. If he was trying to make real money he would not be making it available. I'd rather someone do this than go to venture capitalist to get the money. You are woefully uninformed on this. Grow up for a minute we are at the beginning stages of disclosure. His people ran the government covert UFO studies for the government. Don't embarrass yourself check verify then talk. You can start at the New York Times. They have verified the people who he says work for his company. That video is infrared which might means we can't see them it depends on where on the infrared spectrum it is. Physics has past you by my friend. As human beings we can't see into the ultra violet or the infrared spectrum. What you did not hear because you were talking- he was talking about speed- in our physics you can't go faster than light because mass increases with speed so the faster you go the bigger you get. If you reduce the mass of a space ship when you increase speed then you can travel faster then light, 186,000 miles per second. You can travel in a time shifted bubble. Lastly I don't give a bad crap if he was making billions. Oh the last thing that got by you is that thing the US Navy jet was tracking, had no wings and no visible form of propulsion. It has no exhaust and no engine, so how the fuck was it moving?? AND THERE WERE A SQUAD OF THEM. Please explain!

  14. The USS Nimitz footage of the “Tick Tack UFO” being chased by David Fravor …..According to him it’s a UFO which is fair enough but he said when asked “That it was something not from this world” How could they justify saying that with no basis in fact. It could well be our own (Earth) technology. He needs to justify his claim. That’s what we need solid concrete evidence. These gun shoots are not that evidence.


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