1. Matt – What is a 'Reptilian' is it not a Cold-Blooded creature that is devoid of Empathy for others. Thus, the Royals are 'Reptilians' =/= they have 'No Empathy', they are 'Cold-Blooded' killers (history has shown that they are always very happy to send their minions to invade other Sovereign Nations, to further expand their control over others AND to increase their wealth). As for David's stance that that they are aliens – from another dimension – whether you can accept that as a fact will rest with whether or not you believe that there are other dimensions … in any case, the fact remains that they are Zionists.

  2. The event was FANTASTIC. Loved every minute. For the attendee's who take action on what you presented, the ROI on the ticket price is INSANE. Rest your voice, it was a long day and with the amount of talking you did, I'm not surprised your throat is giving you grief. I can't wait for the next one. Hope you enjoyed the Icke talk and hotel stay 🙂

  3. Woah DAVID. ICKE!!! Always a bit of a wild card for me. His onstage talks sometimes make clear & thought provoking sense… Other times, when he lectures we are going to hell on a hand cart kind of ruins the positivity factor.
    It's a rabbit hole of horror I don't want to realise…
    Anyways Matt, enjoy the gig.
    Pleasure to meet you & Holly at the live event.
    Very best, Pete.

  4. It was a brilliant day with brilliant people… proud of you 💗. I saw David Icke when he was interviewed by Terry Wogan and I agreed with everything then…..life isn’t always what it seems dodododo.


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