Las Vegas False Flag Shooting a Fake Gun Sting Cover-up?

This is also part of the cover up – it was also not reported that security, police and civilians remained under the stage at the event until 6AM the next morning.

So now we can again speculate with more confidence that an FBI sting operation was happening, Paddock an agent with clearance to use the service elevator brought guns up to officiate in an FBI sting. The cartel, mob or ISIS agents entered Paddock’s room on the pretense of buying guns.

Paddock blew his cover; the terror agents killed him and then committed the massacre, and slipped out of the room to the parking garage where they got away.

Maybe like the Kennedy assassination, the details of the whole Las Vegas case will be printed on papers, sealed in a box and wheeled somewhere in a warehouse, and left between the Roswell alien bodies and the Ark of the Covenant where they will eventually be reviewed by “top men.”


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