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  1. I think so poor alien planet is the best part of YouTube that Apple Watch. I watch it like TV I love it. I am A Syfy bug anyway. But I think the channel is awesome. Fake Or not.

  2. I don’t know what you say when you see something hanging in the middle of the sky. Or just barely moving. You don’t need if something can do that you can do just about anything it wants to with the people of the earth. So I don’t know why it would just be hanging there. Unless they have I motive. Because Shirley if it is not ours and is not someone else’s. It is not going to come here and just look at us. Unless it is looking for Battle plans. And how to take over the world. That would be a great step and a first step and be prepared for anything. And nothing we can do about it. I don’t think so. I think what ever you say in the sky. It’s something to do with our military.And I say go military.

  3. I would say we have military hardware. Way into 50 and 60 years from the 60s. That is out of this world. We just not have not had a fax to deploy them. Why would you let your assets out if you can do it with the old. Looks to me like we got some really nice stuff. So Russia and Iran better back in a. Hey ho and hide. Beautiful.


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