Levin Show 4/2/18 – Mark Levin Show April 2,2018 Full Podcast. On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, A caravan of potentially dangerous illegal immigrants…



  1. The inspiration for this is Barak Hussein Obama. Before he was president he was a common street thug working as Community Organizer / Instigator; Violence & terror come straight from Bill Ayers his BOMB-MAKING Weather Underground pal Bill Ayers. Obama is at heart a sniveling coward who hides in the background while his front people do the violence. Obama needs to be held accountable for the violence he inspired because he hates America and wants to destroy our society and our freedom.

  2. The real problem now is that the new Americans think differently. Immigration is not a priority to them. Also the new Americans are more diverse. Most whites now have friends of different races thus think different from their fathers. Also too many interacial Americans. America in 20 yrs will be present day minority majority. Thats the truth. When diversity eventually reaches equilibrium , that will be when Americans will care about Immigration.

  3. A lot of the Illegals coming to America are under the Impression that it's going to be a Free Ride ,That They are going to get Something for Nothing ,This way of thinking for Non American's ,and American Citizens has to Stop .

    My Ancestors moved to America in early 1930's from Germany Knowing that They were going to have to Work Hard ,Learn a Different Language ,and that the USA was Now Their Country that they would Love , Defend ,and Abide by all America's Law's .

    The U.S. people have a lot of things to consider when determining How and when we should take More people into Our Country ,The 1 thing that should Not be a Determining factor is the way they are going to Vote .

    Today is Way Different ,Back in the 30's the Population of America was around 150 Million ,Today's Population is over 300 Million. We need to think about this ,How many people can the U.S. Accommodate .

    This is just 1 thing that comes to my mind ,I know there are many other considerations ,But 1st. and Foremost the People that come here Must be able to Love Every Inch of this Country ,and be Prepared to Defend Her if someone tries to Hurt Her in Any Way.

    I Love My Country ,And I Love the People who have Defended Her and Always Will .

  4. Patrol the Border with Boeing AH-64 Apache's ,You will then have a Wall of Fire Power ,We Pay for the Defence of Our Country So let's begin by using the Tools we already have .

  5. President Trump did not support amnesty for these DACA's. He offered a deal to not deport these people for 12 years, then they could apply for citizenship in exchange for 28 billion, end chain migratiom, end the visa lottery. Why did you leave that out? The hope is that after 12 years they would have assimilated and worked long enough to understand how their money is being wasted by the liberal government and maybe they would vote for individual liberty and freedom. MAYBE. What is your solution, Mark to address those really young children who were brought here or sent here by their illegal parents?

  6. 80yrs ago Democratics were against minorities…..but today’s Republican Party is largely viewed as racist. That’s why minorities are against Republicans. Time Mark faces that reality

  7. So these companies want to shut Laura Ingraham down n Amazon want to shut other businesses down . But we are to go after these companies but leave Amazon alone .don't make sense to me

  8. Mark said Jews who are Democratic need to do some "soul searching" because the Democrats have a bunch of really serious Jew haters leading the party. That's blaming the victim. I don't like Democrats either, but to say that some low level or citizen, who supported the 1970s and 1980s type Democratic Party is at fault for where their party is today is unethical. They are victims on many levels. They were used. You all say that about blacks, but not about the more used Jews. For some reason the most persecuted people in human history can only be the user, to everyone. The Irish ruled the Democratic Party for decades in the 1870s some of the most racist times. No one, not a single person holds a grudge against them for it. Do Italians have to do 'soul searching' for Pelosi and the pope? If they don't support it of course not.

  9. Nothing will change until a useless politician or celebrity or they’re family or friends is hurt or killed by an illegal.. People don’t seem to understand when this country’s gone it won’t come back.. Where will people run to then?

  10. No wondering any longer Why they are leaving America and relocating to New Zeland . They don’t want to live here anymore as they try to turn our home. Into a third world s… hole.

  11. We Good Guys must stop defending what we know and hold to be the TRUTH!
    We all know dems reflect what they are , ON US.
    They’re agenda is to take over our country using KGB – SUBVERSION :
    infiltrating all areas of our lifestyle and demoralizing each:
    Education, administration, law enforcement, religion , social life, labor/employer economics,

    We all see it happening just didn’t know how to label what we have been experiencing, until now !

    They have been and are still Buying, Subverting, and Recruiting most of those illegal aliens, minus girls and kids who are used as a smoke screen. How do you think Obummer has been building his army to overthrow our govt and hurt us and kill most Americans.?

  12. The Wall must be built…..Our Politicians must understand it is the same as how the Highway Interstate system came into being.
    It is amazing how America has forgotten the Highway Interstate System. See the farmers driving over the Highway in the midwest? Farms were divided by our highways. I saw pictures of major metropolitan areas in the 1950s to 1970 entire city blocks were eminent domained for miles. The Wall is equally necessary.

  13. Thank you Mark, we have the stupidest leader's in the world running America, I can't believe how dumb they are. They think American people are dumb and don't know any better. But in reality they are the dumbest SOB,S,I'VE ever seen .build the wall Congress .

  14. The Wall. The people who won't sell their land for the wall. Leave the gap there and let them get over run. Then patrol the rear of their property to catch the illegals.


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