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  1. We must first start from the basis that everything is made of energy. Energy can never cease to exist but simply takes on another form. One form continues as another form… Life is like a circle with no beginning and no end. Energy has always existed and always will. Energy did not simply just burst into life in the so called “Beginning”. You are all that is. You are all that was, and you are all that will ever be! You did not just come into existence. You existed before in some other form. Existence has always been and always will be. You are all infinite consciousness having a human experience.
    The energy forms on earth are made up of microscopic atoms; not only sentient beings but rocks, plants, trees, land and sea. These atoms vibrate at great speeds and cannot be seen by physical eyes. This can be likened to the spinning of a bicycle wheel; when it is spun very fast the spokes seem to disappear, though we know that they are still really there.
    These vibrating particles make sounds that cannot be heard by the physical senses. Everything; living or non-living is alive with sound and vibration. Only those who are not held back by the limited physical senses are aware of this.

  2. He's still plodding along You can cross over it's a very nice place the other side We don't exist here because there's time in the physical we exist create on the other side there is no time there on this side We only fashion jhon.


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