Who is a Lightworker? The answer is that we all are. Basically the word/term has two parts-Light and Worker. The latter of the two denotes a person who is active …



  1. Thanks for clearing that up! I don't like people referring to"The Event " as an infomercial, this is serious stuff and know most people are starting to get manipulated again! Stay happy and in love with each other and let it do what it do! Lol! God don't lose in his own game.!! It's all good , as above as below! Much love to everyone!!

  2. I believe a light-worker is not only working on themselves, but they are working with and on behalf of the light…. It was more likely "downloaded" to you and others as it's a much older word than we are acknowledging here… This is a 25900 year cycle. Do you no believe there were light-workers in Atlantis?


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