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  1. Hi! Linda, have you heard anything about eastern Oregon. Two people have told me about , like green rain falling on there vehicles. Out pass Ontario and Into Idaho. I don't live over there, I haven't seen this myself this here say. I've seen, north of Klamath Falls, where massive hatch of bugs have hit my windshield,very hard to clean off. High strangeness. Any reports or under the chain that runs around Oregon. I live diffrent hours than many people. So I don't get to carry conversations on.

  2. Planet Serpo is also all dis info that’s been proven to come out from Richard Doty.
    There u go with Ronald Regan, again WHY?? You are well aware of where the information came from. We know the Washington insider is. You won’t name him because you know that we all are aware of his dis info with Paul.
    That tells us that you are definitely aware of the lies he spread that ended a mans life. Yet, you still use his information. Why?? I want to believe you but this needs to be explained.
    The fact that your on board with Serpo really hurts, ME!! Cause I know that you know that all that story came from Doty and it was all lies. It mimics Spielberg’s movie.
    Doty denied he was behind it but, we caught him red handed, all the emails he sent were looked and we were able to pull the IP info and guess how it belonged to?? I know you are aware Linda but to those that may not know. Richard Doty. Yet when asked if he done it. Nope!! Denies and Denies.

    I love LMH I’m a fan but, her body of work is being destroyed because of her avoidance to these questions.
    I get asked these questions all the time by thousands. I run a channel with over 1 million sub’s.
    I’m asking so that I can defend Linda.
    I have 1.4 million sub’s as of today so I have an audience and I can successfully defend this if you’ll help me. If not then sooner or later I’ll have to answer these questions. I don’t want to because right now all I could say is… yes, she knows alll about Doty and Yes, she’s been asked these questions and NOO! She has NEVER EVER addressed these questions.

  3. Did she address the Richard Doty question????

    She NEEDS to address this. In all seriousness!!
    She’s my favorite ufology investigator and she puts me in a very uncomfortable position. If she never clears this up it will forever taint her body of work.
    I’m not being negative at all. I’m saying what tens of thousands of ppl have asked me.
    These questions are very important to the ufology movement.
    The questions are as follows.
    Why do you continue to use the information the Richard Doty handed you in the 80s at an Air Force base.
    You continue to state that all questions regarding already evolving primates and the history of humans have been answered etc.etc….
    Pres. Regan was briefed on 4 types of ETs and all the info you give when you bring this up. All comes from Doty.
    A proven dis info agent.
    So, do you believe Doty? If so why?
    Cause to not answer really hurts your stance.
    Your giving out very good info so to say nothing implies that yes, u know Doty is a dis info agent but, the info is so good your leaving it in, knowing it’s wrong.

    I do not wanna believe this but you’ve never answered these questions in the past 10yrs of ppl asking.
    Please Linda, coming from a fan, help me to understand your thought process on this ordeal. I wanna believe you and tens of thousands want to and we all are just taking out all the info we know came from Doty and now we are questioning other info.
    Like I said, u still remain the favorite of many but this is killing your body of work and if you haven’t noticed you most definitely will.


  4. They are killing all life on earth, including Homo Sapien Sapien. This is truly a world war! I feed the birds and mammals daily, and I wish I could do more! Love your videos – a big thankyou from Manchester, England.

  5. So Trump gets attacked by a viewer because the birds are disappearing ? Typical Left attack ! LInda If your going to read crap like this I will unsubscribe. Shouldn't be political !!!!!

  6. The magnetic fields has been talked about everywhere lately, i have been posting that i theorize these happenings to be tied in with and congruent with earths system having a binary companion in close magnetic sync with us. Yes planet X system it is there and its passing from an orbital rotation as above to so below will cause the earths poles to shift and the entire system to alter once the push of the system against ours alternates to a pull the earth will flip seamingly but its more congruent to a spiraling twirl where from the perspective of the inhabitants after it occurs will appear as if a 3 to 6 percent shift has been made us knowing its more like 360 spiral twirl leaving the poles on opposite from last orientation as well as spiraling twirl 3 to 6 percent shift left or right from last placement its complicated all the mechanisms and mechanics of it

  7. Thanks Linda .. once again a very interesting show… as to booms, I live in a small town in South Africa and since 2010 have heard weird booms over my house always between 5 and 6 in the morning… I have enquired all over my town about trains and local blasting sites and no one is up at at that hour doing anything remotely possible of causing a boom. It will happen for months on end and then stop for months. But always in the early hours of the morning! It is what I would like to call an air quake…. maybe we can coin it that way….. Keep well and give chocolate and fluffy a hug… just love those exquisite cats of yours…

  8. Can’t even think of what to ask you as …. So much happening in the world and so much insight in my mind that this live feed would send me crazy. Luv to Linda

  9. Dear Linda, I marvel at the level of energy and light that you bring to your truth seeking work! I so do hope that we can all one day revel in the truth of our full existential human history! I would be surprised however, if we get more than merely what those "elite" few in power over the vast majority of us decide to disclose for reasons they don't feel the slightest sense of duty to publicly state. You are living hope that we can one day change that mind set.

  10. Hello Linda, yes I had a recording, I don't have any longer, sorry, of a bird in flight and I saw this bird intercepted by a pink ball of light, laser fast like. It hit this bird and inilated it to nothing. I ran to my front yard and hunted everywhere for even a feather. Nothing. Not one feather. I showed the video to a couple of friends and they couldn't explain it either. This was about 10 years ago. Thank you for all the work you do Linda. Skygazr555

  11. Seems brutal to moi, sister, but is this not what happened to Master Jesus and His disciples, they got cut in half because of catty premises, the universe is a brutal place, " is this any different to souls? Is there a type of judgement of souls that was set up billions of years ago, no doubt this is brutal as well, In the words of Jesus, " My Fathers Mansion has many rooms" What room will you dwell in dear seekers?"


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