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  1. I have a flare gun on my yacht and after 10 years I changed it for a new one and put the old one in my boot of my car.The police stop and searched my car found the flare gun and arrested me charging me with a firearms offence.I had to ring my wife so she could come down the station to prove I own a boat and have to have one for safety reasons and dropped the charges .

  2. That's not true about handguns entirely Mark. People have to add stocks and longer barrels etc so the pistol is classed as a "longrifle" so very stupid but that makes them "legal" to own.

  3. Thanks for taking over the hosting of the show, Jason! Highly appreciate all the work you do. And definitely look into going on brexit party. They do some amazing streams over there!

  4. Dang I missed this live. I did a marathon live stream with Britix Party 2. Watching now, good to see this moved to your channel NWG. Gave you a shout out actually at the end of the stream I was in.

  5. Gun crime, in fact all violent crime, has gone down every year in the United States. Unfortunately, there are places where this isn’t true, want to guess which states these are? 
    California, Illinois (Chicago), Maryland (Baltimore), Michigan (Detroit) basically the States with the most strict gun control laws in the country. The only places in the Us where gun crime, all violent crime, is not going down every year, are the states with the most strict gun control laws. 

    How are things in the UK? 
    Gun crime in London is up 42% from last year

    Knife crime in all of England and Wales is up 26% from last year.. Gun crime is up 27% in all of England and Wales. Sex Crimes are up 19%.

    These are astronomical increases in crime. In cities that guns are heavily restricted, handguns are non existent. Don’t forget about acid attacks, that’s fun right?.. 

    Not only do you have to show ID to buy butter knives, you have to show ID to buy PLASTIC butter knives. There are massive knife amnesty and buy back programs. Some guy even built a giant sculpture of all the knives used in crimes or recovered by police.

    Conversely in the US, a country with over 323 Million (legal) people, gun crime has decreased every year since the 1990’s. In fact, all crime has decreased every year except in places with strict gun control laws. 

    These things don’t “only happen in the US”. This is the real issue here, all of the “experts” and anti gun activists don’t know anything about guns, gun laws, the data or frankly, anything about these topics they’re all so vocal about. 

    What about Mexico? Do you have any idea what the gun laws are like in Mexico? They’re very strict. What the homicide rate is in Mexico? Very high.

    The rape capital of Europe, where “hand grenade attacks” are a thing…

    How about Jamaica, a country with absolutely draconian gun control laws?
    Guns are banned and being caught with a gun carries insanely severe punishment, if not the death penalty. Jamaica is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, as far as homicide or gun crime goes.

    Australia? Uninformed ideologues just love Australia. It’s not like they have a big problem with homemade fully automatic machine guns, on top of the factory built guns that are smuggled into the country.


    Australia, a country with a population that’s significantly lower than the US state of Texas has higher rates of rape, home invasion, burglary, robbery, assault, etc..

    Let’s compare a few other things, like population size and demographics.

    Australia: 24 Million
    United States: 323 Million
    Texas: 28.3 Million 

    Australia: 92% White (European)
    United States: 61% White (European)

    World Happiness Index (Lower = Good)
    Australia: 9th
    United States: 13th
    (Fun Fact: 1st Denmark. 2nd Switzerland. 3rd Iceland. 4th Norway. 5th Finland. Also, the whitest countries on the planet.)

    Suicides Per Capita (Lower = bad)
    Australia: 9th 
    United States: 32nd

    Crime Level (Lower = bad)
    Aus: 47th
    US: 30th 
    (Crime is 21% higher in the US than Australia.)

    Aus: Ranked 1st!
    US: 9th
    (Australia had 2 times as many burglaries per cap than the US)

    Robbery Victims
    Aus: 3rd (Twice as many per cap)
    US: 16th

    Rape Rate (Lower is bad)
    Aus: 6th
    US: 9th

    Rape Victims (per cap)
    Aus: 5th (3x more)
    US: 13th 

    Auto Theft
    Aus: Ranked 2nd
    US: 6th

    Car thefts per 1000
    Aus: 7.08 (63% more)
    US: 4.33

    Assault Victims
    Aus: 3rd
    US: 9th
    (Twice as many assault victims in Aus than the US)

    Total Crime Victims
    Aus: 1st
    US: 15th
    (Australia has 43% more than the US)(39% more property crime victims in Aus)

    Suicide rates (aged 15 to 24)
    Aus: 6th (7% higher)
    US: 7th

    Suicides (aged 25 to 34)
    Aus: 7th (22% more)
    US: 10th

  6. The libshitz are trying to turn my state into a total shithole we have already taken in many low IQ somalis and the judicial system is helping to destroy my Conservative home. The state is being infiltrated by liberal nutjobs. obammy sent somalis to Shelbyville a small town a few years ago and they are wreaking havoc. All you need to do is search Shelbyville Tennessee Somalis.

    Judge To Tennessee: You’ll Take Refugees Whether You Want To Or Not
    Many aspects of the refugee resettlement program force states and local governments to continue to accept refugees even if they choose not to participate. April 2 2018

  7. Mark showing contempt for his fellow man again with his toxic "man flu" jibe. Mark was outclassed and resorted to sly and devious mischaracterisation of Global Man in their recent MGTOW debate.

  8. Thank you for your answer to my question. I was sitting there almost like a schoolboy taking notice to your answers (which were very good). I think it took a lot of time and I hope you can answer more questions the next time. As for the Alt Right it has had some setbacks as we know. Mark said it was not important what is happening to the Alt Right as we still all will continue with white nationalism. I agree it will continue. However. My feeling is that if you leave the term Alt Right behind you leave something more (although you continue to be a white nationalist). The part of being in a bigger community. You are like leaving the big umbrella term for being in a tribe and keeping all the far right ideologies together.That said. I will now move on to other questions (not about the Alt Right).

    It is great that No White Guilt is hosting this. I hope he is continuing. Seeing Benjamin in the chat was interesting. Trollers got to troll I guess,


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