These Broadcasts in this upload are from 1998 Cooper predicted the messianic rise of Obama to spearhead final institutionalization of the totalitarian one world government and complete end…



  1. I've head it said before that pantheism is the belief that everything inanimate and living is a part of the whole, which is why almost anything was worshiped as a God by the Ancients and why Roman Emperors called themselves a God. But clearly in that belief system some are more "God" than others. But before Cooper, I never realised there was a special place for the human mind in this belief system, a belief the minds of all people were the mind of God, this distributed divine intellect. Hearing that it came to me that perhaps the reason they want to murder those who "won't make the paradigm shift", not simply oppress or exclude them from privileges, is that they may think if they get everyone thinking the same, believing in the same things, that like a God, those who control the belief can control reality, actually gain magic power. So perhaps all of this is a sick scientific experiment

  2. And just because your body is now 99% corn molecule and GMO ( 80% of your food for past 10 yrs) and its spliced with frog geno should not make you think that their catering to Reptilians because Gordon Duff Credo Mutwa Arizona Wilder and several Dulce x security said they made a deal to supply a million of us to them for long pig ( missing 411) stop bucking the system and don't believe whistleblowers there all in jail so that should tell u it's poopoo

  3. Just because the leadership is at Bohemian Grove sporting black cloaks and begin snapping their lips like a swarm of locusts while a mock child is burned in front of a sixty foot owl does not mean their worshiping lucifer.. it could mean their hungry


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