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  1. I believe she just quietly passed away in her sleep. We are all going to die, no need to make it an Illuminati ritual sacrifice. Question is where do you stand the second after you die? Will you be with Jesus, or stand in front of God in judgement. If you believe all this satanic stuff, and not believe in Christ, then you are already lost.

  2. It’s a well known fact. MK Ultra rules “Hellyweird” and the entertainment industry. It’s been like that since they began to make films there in 1910. MK Ultra is only a millimetre tip of the iceberg, trust me. Stay blessed. 🇯🇲

  3. More I've been with this crowd dated dined parties again? 2 of the men beyond rich and famous one lovely the other had £40 by 18 he was ill before the fame and the money fueled his demands depression drug use etc. No mind control just a terrible childhood. Both are still alive and doing fine.

  4. Well why is Madonna Elton John Joan Rivers lived to be 81? I could go on. So yes I do believe but I also think some is just tragic one hit wonders. Too much money too soon and too young but still same problems so you're not happy. Thus you really get depressed and thus attempt or succeed killing yourself. I am a Christian and if there's good there's evil. Yet your making these Illuminati way more powerful? Kind of like what you fear you create. Margot had mental illness and talked about it 20 or more years ago. Everyone knew and then got MS or similar and was unable to walk again ages ago. She's not been relevant in years and in this case it is just a tragedy and we all die.

  5. Kidder was in a car crash in December 1990, after which she was unable to work for two years, causing her financial problems.
    Kidder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which was the cause of a widely publicized manic episode that she experienced in April 1996. At the time, Kidder had been working on an autobiography when her laptop computer was infected with a virus, which caused it to crash and her to lose three years' worth of drafts.[27] Kidder flew to Los Angeles to have the computer examined by a data retrieval company, who ultimately were unable to retrieve the files.[27] Kidder then entered a manic state and disappeared for four days. She was found in a backyard by a homeowner and was taken by the Los Angeles Police Department to Olive View Medical Center in a distressed state, the caps on her teeth having been knocked out during a rape attempt.[27] She was later placed in psychiatric care.[27] In 2007, Kidder said that she had not had a manic episode in 11 years, and credited her well-being to orthomolecular medicine.[36]
    Kidder died in her sleep on May 13, 2018, at her home in Montana at the age of 69.[51] The cause of death has not been disclosed.

    you guys are something else with all your conjecture. i wonder how god is going to take all your accusing of others.
    who else is the accuser in your bible.

  6. Let me tell you people something, the Spiritual World is not to be played with! These people agree to sell their souls for money, fame, etc. They don't understand the power of darkness. The bible talks about a "Darkness" that can be felt. That darkness is 'Evil.' We are made in the image of God. We were never created to be a slave to this darkness. So when we allow these entities in our lives of our own free will, we can't take it, and they overcome you unless you are covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ. This is why these people loose their minds! When they get all the fame, and riches, beauty, etc… in the beginning of their careers they realize later it wasn't worth it. The devil tempted Jesus in the same way, he tried to entice Him with riches and power in this World. But He wasn't having it. But these people are offered the same and accept it. Here's the thing about the devil, he doesn't give anyone something for free. There is a price to pay and he always comes for his due! This is so sad.

  7. Interesting that Margot Kidder was born in some remote Canadian back woods area and that her father was reported to be an explosives expert…..not exactly a run of the mill life. She said she was sent to boarding school – perhaps this was a programming site.


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