Mark Dice discusses Bill Cooper’s wild claims that the Bilderberg Group meets in a submarine under the polar ice cap, his claims of having seen numerous classified documents mentioning the…



  1. My guess is that Dice, Cooper, Icke, Jones, Everhart, Maxwell etc. All have parts of the truth, more than your average citizen for sure. But, in order to have the balls to get up in front of world and share this information one would have to develop quite a large ego. Hence the self promotion.

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  3. Im already a subscriber, but learned of William Cooper just yesterday. I watched a video of him not an audio where he glorifies the moon landing and NASA. There are several othe videos of his radio show completely debunking the moon landing, and his points are like long standing obvious knowledge. So what does that say??? I don't have a legit feel on the guy for sure now.

  4. Who the fuck is Mark Dice? you look like a fucking satanist you piece of shit. you really think we would believe you? you are just damage control. mr cooper leaked credible information and you are just trying to clean it up. who is paying you? cia? people like you need to be shot in the head and thrown in a ditch. cooper told about 9/11 in June of 2001 and he wasn't lying you fucking little bitch…


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