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  1. War is not wrong if you are acting in self defense of your nation. There have been instances of this in the past. It's wrong for one side but right for the other. Abides by the law of nature of self defense.

    Also the great thing about this information is it can be applied to either side of the political spectrum. Whether it be liberal or conservative. I am personally very conservative and traditional but this info applies perfectly as well. I feel like the truth is based moreso in true conservatism. Not this pseudo conservatism we see on the grand stage.

  2. how bad dose life need to get before people will wake up..
    it just makes me go crazy. how much suffering and ignorance.
    people have become astonishingly ignorant to their self talked lies..
    we are infinate consciousness and it's been totally inverted by the aliens.
    i need so much patience being around people when you can see through the pre fab illusion.

  3. Pay close attention to what he says from 16-50-17:15. If they need Healing and all that than why do I often hear his say such negative comments about them which in turn causes a great majority of his listeners to do the same?
    That won't start the healing process, it will only create divide and resentment and perpetuate only More negativity in this world instead of to undo it. I like Mark but Sometimes he seems to contradict himself and I see a ton of people on the internet just parrot evil comments about cops or military, but I guess these evil comments are healing them lol.

  4. One thing that continues to amaze me about low-level consciousness is that a majority of people accept the deceptive nature of vendors offering a product a penny below a dollar amount.  I thought I was alone in being insulted until a couple days ago when I heard someone else say "Man, I'm so happy I got this for 19.99 because I sure couldn't afford the $20.00."  There are many excuses for its persistence, the main being "It works," yet are we truly being honest and caring with one another.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  "It's a business," like that's an excuse for the way we treat each other.  The way to counter such an insult if you have a business is to expose other businesses acceptance of the deception to your customers, letting them know that yes, you have to make a living and compete with deceptive advertising, but you are honest in the way you pronounce your prices.  I quit watching TV long ago.  Thanks for another great video.

  5. Compliance has to stop but if it is not done in critical mass it won’t work. Most people simply don’t read or research at all. One has to be informed. Sadly I can count on less than one hand that do this. I’m in a world by myself except with others on Yt.

  6. Mark, you are a divine being with mindfulness, pure soul with high consciousness, high spirit, high mind; great contribution to humanity with your heartfelt teaching. Keep working on your mission and our true God will bless you and your work.

  7. wow! i bear witness to every;thing you said i am thinking and aware but im called crazy., i sstand with you . i seemed to change when i was by myself for a year after a divorce out of my control. it all makes perfect sense now

  8. Some people need entheogenic substances to help them reach altered states of consciousness because of a calcified Pineal glad. Others do not. Mon-atomic gold, which is perfectly legal works well for me. For those that need something not yet legal, then they should be free to use such substances. NO ONE has the moral right to prohibit entheogenic substances from legal adults. We have a paternalistic government motivated by the religious right wing that believes they have the right to govern what other adults should or should not take into their own bodies.
    I have tried some of the other entheogenic substances and all they do for me is make me seriously nauseous and vomit. However, I have discovered that within my own body are natural entheogens that can be stimulated by the Pineal gland and that grants me higher consciousness and the altered states desired.

  9. The solution is taking back our mental sovereignty . . . that is re-claiming the right to think for ourselves. We as a society have largely acquiesce our thought processes to allowing others to think for us, and what to believe or not believe, and that the "authorities" are the fountain of knowledge, without even trusting that we can think, reason, and determine truth for ourselves.
    Your videos are among the MOST honest, intelligent, logical, and thought provoking here on YouTube. I am glad I found your videos. Thank you. Every time I listen to your videos not only is my consciousness raised even higher, but I am moved even more to take action in helping raise the consciousness of others.

  10. Mark, you are learned, well-intended, and supremely good-natured, but have you forgotten that we live in a representative democratic republic — however ignorant people keep themselves and thus degenerate its growth, keeping themselves and others stuck in a system they usually don't even realize they perpetuate — but nonetheless passes laws with their consent, support and much agreement?

    Next, though you should "own" your consciousness, you generally don't; look up Sam Harris and read his book "Free Will"; this thing is largely an illusion. We can alter it with practice and habit, but we don't invent, make or control what we THINK it is.

    Finally, it is not theft to agree that everyone cannot and does not (want to) have the same level of responsibility or the same jobs, so society requires taxes to provide the things we can't and don't want to provide ourselves — so we can do what is natural to our inclinations while others do the same, thus we complement one another, creating civilization and suoport.

  11. THESE COULD BE THE CONTROLLED REVOLUTIONARIES OF TODAY: Alex Jones – Alex means Defender – Jones means Fixation – Alex Jones= Defending fixations…… David Icke – David means Beloved Friend – Icke means Non in Swedish – David Icke= Not your friend!………Max Igan – Max means Maxwell – Maxwell means Magnus – Magnus means Great – Igan in japanese means stomach cancer. Max Igan= Great Cancer(or great stomach cancer, symbolizing anxiety in the gut)……….. Mark Passio – Mark means God of War – Passio is one letter short of Passion – Mark Passio=Passionate for War(Mark pushes the ideals of weaponry)(also, Passio means suffering or endurance i.e. endure the god of war)….. RUSSELL BRAND – Russell is slang for a man with a ridiculously huge penis – Brand means Sword in german – Russell Brand= Huge Sword, which goes right with his sex obsession and it's a symbol of male dominance……………….. Ron Paul – Ron means to rule the council – Paul means humble – Ron Paul= Humble Ruler of the Council, which goes perfect with his image doesnt it?…. Jay Parker- Jay means a crow-like bird, or chattering person- Parker means Keeper of the Forest – Jay Parker= Keeper of the chattering flock. These may be our 'controlled revolutionaries'. It was said before that "The best way to control the opposition is by LEADING IT!" I could be way off base here, but this seems weird to me.

  12. Well no. Fascism comes from the latin word fascis meaning bundle of rods or whip.
    Also, the word fascism has lost all meaning because any politics people don't  approve of is called fascism. Red fascism, liberal fascism,Trump fascism and so on.

  13. Not only changing diet, but FASTING is a powerful tool, not only it cleans you inside but it also save dollars buying food, you will eat less once starting to fast 36 hours once a week.

  14. thank-you from the depth of my being for your video here and thank-you for continuing sharing your conscious knowledge to us. it is helpful and healing to and for me and I know for many others too. divine love to all.


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