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  1. Mark Needs Technical Volunteers Local To Philadelphia

    An Important Message From Mark Passio To All Those Who Have Benefited From The Material Presented On What On Earth Is Happening
    I have been attempting to build a local What On Earth Is Happening Team
    in an effort to generate even more information towards the Great Work
    of ending slavery on Earth and creating a truly free society. I have
    been actively looking for LOCAL freedom-minded TECHNICAL VOLUNTEERS,
    who appreciate this work and what it means for our world, to work
    side-by-side with me doing A/V Production and Web Development.
    I have repeatedly asked for help to move forward with my media
    production, both publicly and privately, over the course of the last
    year and a half. To date, my efforts to assemble a local What On Earth Is Happening Team have been completely unsuccessful.
    I have done all of the technical work that is necessarily involved in
    such a large undertaking almost completely by myself, apart from some
    assistance from friends, when they can. The presentation of this
    material, the web development, graphics, trouble-shooting, and the
    audio/video work for What On Earth Is Happening is a considerable amount of effort, and because this work has been generated largely by myself, it has greatly limited
    the amount & scope of information and material I have been able to
    put out. Much has been planned, but new projects have not been able to
    be realized without regular technical assistance.
    I have given my personal time, effort and knowledge very freely over
    the course of the last ten years of my life, while personal resources
    have been very limited. I feel that it is both reasonable and, at this
    time, absolutely necessary to ask for some volunteer help to try to grow
    the outreach of What On Earth Is Happening and its message of Freedom.
    Should the assistance I require not manifest soon, I will need to halt all public work related to What On Earth Is Happening.
    I need a few talented and competent volunteers LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA with very specific skill-sets, including:
    Web Development: expertise with Content Management Systems, PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, etc.Live Broadcast Production: expertise with live
    video recording, video broadcasting software, and streaming solutions
    for producing live internet video broadcastsVideo Editing: expertise with Final Cut Pro or Adobe PremiereGraphics Production: expertise with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for web and print graphicsTechnical Support: high-level expertise with troubleshooting custom Hackintosh systems
    For consideration for the What On Earth Is Happening Team, you MUST BE LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, as all work will be done on-premises, at my home in Philadelphia. Do NOT respond to this request unless you are LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, or are capable of traveling to Philadelphia on a regular basis.
    If you are serious about being considered for the team, email and include samples of your recent work. Please do NOT change the subject line, or your email will not be read.
    Thank you,
    Mark Passio

  2. You are ignoring reality. From a stance of morality you may have a point, but you neglect that most (if not all) wars are ultimately fought over resources…FINITE resources. Because humans consume these resources eventually conflict over them is inevitable. You are not going to be able to stop this. Nature does not care about morality…it doesn't exit in nature. At the end of most wars it is not about who was right or wrong. It is about who is left….about survival. This is not to say that on a moral level that I do not disagree with you, but again, that is not reality. Just look through the rise and fall of all previous civilizations in recorded history and tell me I'm wrong. So to view people who follow orders from a moral stand point often falls outside the realm of reality. I am not advocating for an out of control monster to advocate over us. There are benefits to having some structure of government. One primary benefit of government is a governing body that can allocate resources, though this must be kept in line with a closely monitored system of checks and balances (which the US has lost accountability of). If this did not happen then people would attempt to exercise their own authority over resources.

  3. Passio, you are complete out of your mind. How can you tell that every policeman or soldier is evil? Are you crazy? Human race is based on the combination of colectivism and individualism, and sins make through collective systems are not the same with sins make through individual free will. You fall in some deep ethical hole..


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