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  1. Nobody asked Mark Passio for anything, under that premise he shouldn't be angry, instead he should be wondering if he's actually in the right path, doing the right thing. He makes extraordinary claims about mind control and how awful the world is, and sure he can explain himself, but he doesn't present evidence for these explanations (and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence), and doesn't propose specific solutions. He doesn't debate against anybody either (which could draw more attention to his message), and I think that's because he can get easily exposed since, despite his intelligence, Mark is still a victim of deep confirmation bias. I'm sorry Mark, but nobody owes you anything, and you might be wrong and misleading people about some of the things you say, so you might owe to those people, despite your best intentions.

  2. Join the club dude! We are all doing it ALL BY OURSELVES. But you don't even contact me, you don't respond to my messages, emails, or offers to help, so stop being a damn hypocrite!
    You dont connect to me, nor let me introduce you to Ronald Bernard, You are guilty of all the shit you are bitching about. I know I'm not physically in your fucking neighborhood, nor can I get there, but fuck that! We can still have talks, teach eachother stuff, and I know you can learn a lot from a nobody like me.

  3. People of the U.S; whether it be in Philadelphia or Portland, go and help this man! We all need him and his great work. You have an amazing opportunity to be a part of it. Don't let state lines or a few hundred miles stop you. I understand it's easy for me to say from the other side of the world. For the sake of truth and all the other good things, help the man, please.

  4. See I can help but I'm based in Chicago. Most of my team works remotely and I'm not opposed to ever helping mark passion. He inspires my work. If there is anything I can do I will help. But I do understand he needs the direct support.

  5. Mark, Philly is a shithole. Dangerous, racially charged powder keg. I used to live in Wilm., De and Pipersville, Pa., worked in Philly back when it wasn’t even that bad.Who in their right mind would want to live there much less work in that place? Not politically correct to state this fact or more bluntly to second guess your choice of home base. Maybe that’s not a sacrifice you’d ever consider, but I’m certain your quality of life could be much improved and technical help would be much more forth coming.Go ahead and get mad…facts are facts. Dump Philly.

  6. SEND THIS TO MARK PASSIO!!! Personally I am in Joy. There is a reason why we are NOT in the dark New Order Order at this moment, that there is a very few False Flags. The Truth is much has been achieved in the last 10 of his years against the System of Slavery if you know where to look – Humanity is nearing Victory as in the activation of NESARA & RV. Mark Passio is WRONG when he said in a moment of self-defeating bitter negativity "…Dark Occutist were right. I know they are right. …I've seen zero difference, seen it go backwards," for we would already be past Nuclear WW3 in the dark New World Order if the Dark Occultist were right. There are People in this fight with little help for 30 + years & still in this fight about to complete Humanity's Victory as their Payback.

  7. Although you understand occult and spiritual backgrounds, you promote straight materialistic, almost military aproach on problem solving. That means that you'll have to find material resources on your own. It seems that God, Jesus the Christ, who actualy dont exists as a living force in your lecture conclusions and he is more like empty phrase, wont help you..

  8. 17:22 This sums it all up. I feel every word.
    Mark i have been following your work for so long i cant remember.
    So many times i wish i could help but i love on the other side of the world in scandinavia.
    So many times i been thinking of put together a local team, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE…
    Even to gather a group of people with similar mindset over internet is hard when there is no money involved.
    Most need paper to even start looking info outside facebook, people say they are awake yet they are paralyzed
    and not doing anything more than what you say mark, pointing finger.
    In my mind that is the core of christianity ideology all people are buying into with their soul.
    I got more on this subject but most will not understand they are being decieved into their bone.

  9. if he were accepting donations I'd be of help. It takes time to make money, if he can survive an entire year on 13k that's about 1k per month. I could donate that if it helps, essentially paying off 1 month worth of bills so he can work nonstop and gain some ground. I don't got these skills and I looked up free courses there's no way i'd be useful by march 10th. I'm going to pick up at least an expertise in live broadcast. I feel like I wasted the last 10 years of my life too, I know exactly what he means. In a way I feel like I let him down. It'd be an honor to be apart of his team I hope someone out there sees the value in the great work and is willful enough to help him help the entire world. As for me I can only donate and hit the books.

  10. Great points also by Mark about how people are caught in the dead end of just consuming documentaries etc. and not taking real world action to change things for the better. I also love it how Mark is saying we gotta get back to our PCs as true, unfettered creative centers to help us creatively battle against the powers that should not be. Mark Passio wants the dark occultists proven wrong about what they say about us. Period.

  11. Mark is spot on. He has been through hell, and I understand that he would be swearing etc because he usually holds nothing back even when at peace. This is a man pressed to his limits. Even if we can’t do the exact tech work he asks for, we can upload his videos on Youtube, Vimeo etc etc. etc. We don’t have to worry about Mark monetizing his Youtube channel as he has mentioned in his rant and about him copyrighting his works. He wants it spread and that’s a big reason why it’s free to spread like The Great Work does on their channel. By the way, thank you The Great Work for all of the videos you have put up! Thank you and please everyone spread the words and spread the videos and help find the Philly local tech work.

  12. Nothing new under the sun is a quote from the Bible, the Word made flesh is Jesus. You deny Jesus is God but you want me to deny you new age cult theories and show my friends your work? Ok go ahead and get a real job and do this half baked hooey on your spare time

  13. Effort is wasted. People will never stop doing what is best for self interest. It is hardwired as a survival mechanism. The good news is that everybody has choices that lead up to outcomes.

  14. looked up passio vids by latest. its rare but cathartic to hear some of my own rage said aloud almost verbatim by someone else:

    and what a shock – he lives in the same fetid state as me. he's stuck in philly, i'm stuck in spookcaster. and he has a slightly-higher-but-similar budget to me. ME. FUCK PA.

  15. Man I know what you are saying I have been putting out Imfo since 911 It has caused me grief money friends family And people who even know whats going on Will not help in any way I would send a donation to MARK were do I go to do it I donate to other Im poor I know people who are rich and know whats happening And dont give any thing WTF I dont know if people are right in the head or hart And I dont know why I still care THANK YOU MARK YOU PUT INTO WORDS THINGS I THINK ITS A GREAT HELP CHEERS

  16. It would be a tragedy if Mark Passio stops giving public presentations. The information he puts out there is of critical importance to everyone on the planet. I've learnt so much precious wisdom from him and would be devastated to see less people having access to his work. I live in Scotland and feel quite helpless in this situation – being on the other side of the Atlantic. But we cannot allow him to stop his presentations. They must continue. AND THEY WILL. We must do everything we can to make sure they continue.

    If everybody who has seen this video alone chipped in just $1 a month that would work wonders! SO WHY DON'T WE EXERCISE OUR POWER…

    Let's face it – if there were funds available, we could put out an advert in a Philadelphia newspaper/jobsite for the technical/production people he needs… and I bet candidates would in fact be lining up to take the roles! The financial incentive would be there…even for someone looking for part-time work.The only problem would be for Mark to choose who to hire! So let's make this happen.

    I'm just a poor guy, but I could definitely contribute £1-£5 a month towards hiring the people he needs.

    Who else could manage a few pennies every month? Anything. Is there a way that we can get organised and figure out how to make this a reality? What are your ideas? What's the best, quickest way to achieve this?

    Basically, it would go something like this…

    We all get together…find out from Mark how much he'd need to pay people to do the work he requires…get a job advertisement out in Philadelphia…and we all chip in for their monthly wages. Simple. It can be done. We just need to be organised.

    Let's help him please. I'd set up a standing order tomorrow if we could get the ball rolling…

  17. … Every GREAT WORK is done independently… you want more, greater, larger, which is understandable, but to stop such important work all together because you don't have the means to expand right now? That reasoning is not clear to me, nothing is more important then your work brother… low fi, low budget, d.i.y., is always the best. Hope some Philly heads hear you, if I was in the region, with the skills, I'd volunteer to do it…

  18. I'm sorry Mark Passio for being a narcissist moron. And neither will I ever pay state or federal taxes, not ever again and I will start commiting to a vegetarian diet, I should have took your mission a bit more seriously. I promise I'll start truly doing the holy/great work I think I'll also just call myself "Michael James Dean" my birth/legal name. I will get involved if it costs my life this month of January. I truly wish I could help you out, I reside over St. Johnsbury Vermont. Good day to you anyway.


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