Simplicity and the Basics is the Cross held up to Dracula! and expose the Disorientation for wha it is. It’s all a Matter of being as FIT on all levels,, as we can, Physically, Emotionally…



  1. I think that what protects us from irrational fear is not fear other than God and remembering things that He said (in the holy books like for example :
    -The truth will prevail
    -What God has decided will happen be it something good or bad in your life. No one can change that except Him.
    -This world is God's world and God is merciful and omnipresent and on the side of the righteous.
    When I encourage people (my family members included) to read the last holy book of God (the quran or whatever other website has many english translations is good) is because I recognize it as a confirmation of the torah and the bible and I recognize that it contains pure knowledge and wisdom from God and it is uplifting and good for our thriving and basically my experience of reading it and trying to apply it is what make me relate to you easily and understand how important and relevant this video is.
    God bless you!


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