On his radio show, Mark Passio explains the difference between Satanism and Luciferanism and how many people have satanic beliefs without realising it.



  1. So are the lucifarians carrying out the pedophile rings and child abuse and sacrifices? The Vatican's telescope is called Lucifer. I wonder if these people are dark or light? With all the pedophilia found in the church it makes you wonder. I hate to think that all we are living in is a constant battle between good and evil, can never let your guard down. What a really fucked up situation.

  2. as long as ppl "agree with David icke", lol… plagurism from several good researchers and his Reptoids & "the moon is a satelite?" and that they landed? that alone is total BS.. if u do your own research u can actually "CALL THESE PPL ON THEIR TOTAL BS" #billcooper can bring you the truth VERBATIM from their own books ,so you can go out and "UNDERSTAND IT ALL" yourself… Mark Passio is the more clever part of these ppl.. Icke and most of the ufoology ppl, never talk about the moon hoax ,van allen belt and so on… NASA never went to the moon in their Apollo missions.. #billcooper also can tell u where to get the info , u cant follow his shows if u arent "read up on the topics".. alex jones interviewing Icke..? why doesnt Icke ever mention "rothschild zionism" on AJs show..? all these occult, pedo ,scifi stories are to distract yall… And all bash the christian church…. I do too..but JC had some very good things to say on NATURAL LAW… sermon on the mount & the golden rule… (thats christianity… good ppl helping others & loving it.. these are good ppl , the "popes" and ppl like them fake ass preachers who dress up and get payed… Thats RELIGION today… Jesus was teching Natural law… as i see it.. and they killed him for it? The Nazareen as he is called in the lodges…? big topic ..dont get confused by "alternative media" passio mixes truth and BS …he`s good.. but BS is BS.. so… go to and start researching urself…! stop with the ufoology and pedo holograms…

  3. the lies we tell ourselves to survive another day, sadly this is how we got into this mess. Infiltrators are all about. My mother used to tell me don´t laugh to hard the devil might hear you. And he does. He has his little helpers everywhere. Foolish men raise foolish children that will pay dearly for an eclair found on a beach.

  4. Anarchism is not going to solve our issues because our problems stem from the control and how they achieve it, which is HUMAN BLOOD SACRIFICE. all ISM´s are failing due to : this causes a schizm and negative thought forms arise which can be easily controlled.

    Feudalism is alive and when but just like the occult working behind scenes. We are separating nations for which people have died for, note www 1 & 2 the popeys in England for commemoration. Your occult thinking and solutions are not going to work. Crazy can not fix crazy. Clown thinking or Batman justice just shuffles the chairs on the deck of the titanic.

    the Tree is poisoned , what a shame it used to give us fruit for free !!!

    In an inverse world (luciferian psychopathy) uses reverse transcription making ones neighbor ones henchmen using ones vices.

    Duality Breeds Contempt.
    Gestalt Breeds Cold Hearts.
    We Are What We Accept.

  5. Nothing has been more devastating to man's connection with the true spirit of the universe than the satanist usurping of that truth into such tenets as the 10 commandments as the 'law' or Christ as the fulfilment of that natural universal law subverted by satanist thought as savior which becomes negator of man's spiritual essence by satanist ideology. The true commandments or any true communication by the creator to man would not be to consciousness, it is to the spirit and the enlightened man hears that communication. When that truth manifests in the conscious mind of the world, the lower perception is when the satanists go to work imposing tyranny and hierarchy on the conscious lower self that cannot perceive truth in its' pure essence and so such monstrosities as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are born, pure satanic orders designed to keep the conscious mind of man bound to lower self perception, as far from the light of truth as possible in servitude to the satanic parasite, the malignancy that is dissolved on contact by the light of truth. In this modern age those satanic religions have all but served their functionary purpose and the new satanic order through science and its' offshoots is to give man a false idea of his own lower self-deification so that lower self full of the sophistication of satanic cultivation and deception is totally divorced from the light of his own spiritual self and a true communication with the universal creator to the degree where that inner voice is seen as malevolent and truth evil and external lies and subtle inversions of the satanic conscious perception perceived as benevolent and intrinsically true.

  6. I would argue that the word religion comes from the latin word Religio not Religare.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Latin term religiō, origin of the modern lexeme religion (via Old French/Middle Latin) is of ultimately obscure etymology. It is recorded beginning in the 1st century BC, i.e. in Classical Latin at the beginning of the Roman Empire, notably by Cicero, in the sense of "scrupulous or strict observance of the traditional cultus".

    The classical explanation of the word, traced to Cicero himself, derives it from re- (again) + lego in the sense of "choose", "go over again" or "consider carefully". Modern scholars such as Tom Harpur and Joseph Campbell favor the derivation from ligo "bind, connect", probably from a prefixed re-ligare, i.e. re- (again) + ligare or "to reconnect," which was made prominent by St. Augustine, following the interpretation of Lactantius.

    The problem with these etymologies, regardless of whether one favours lego or ligo, is that the now-familiar prefix re- "again" is not attested prior to its occurrence in religio and is itself in need of an etymological explanation.

  7. Consider how ludicrous and egoic the dominant economic philosophy is which conceives of some insular rationally self interested self maximizing ego that lives in its own private idaho and pays no attention to how it influences others and the world….The economy we live under is ridiculous, outmoded, stupid and deserving of ridicule. We can do much much better if WE put our Creative Shoulders to the Wheel of Invention. This is a Slave Economy and Were not Slaves…unless we stupidly choose to be.

  8. This video was out in 2012 and what you and the caller were talking about with a time that the masses will have to choose is happening right now. Most people that are awake right now can clearly see that everybody has fallen on one side of the fence or the other now. It's like the sorting of the wheat from the tares. We can see that it has happened. Satanism is so much more blatant and out in the open. The Pope announcing that Lucifer is the Son of God. Everyone that I know that are good people are seeing that many people in their lives that were not so good, are even worse now. Those that are good are better.

  9. I've been under real mind control once by a certain entity. This is what it's like. It makes you believe that your will is gone and you have to do what it directs you to do. You FEEL like you simply can't resist. It's not easy but you simply have to say NO and then you are free from it. It's so hard to explain how it feels like you don't have any will and choice. But deep down you know you can resist but that thought when it comes to you is fleeting and just below your conscious awareness. So that is all it took, was saying no, you can't make me. You can make me think I can't resist, but I can and I am. They really do things to weaken you before they do that, especially with things like sleep deprivation and mental torture. I will never been in that situation again. I put myself in that situation for something I did. Now that I know that what is impressed on you about how you can't resist is a lie, it just can't be done on me now. Everyone does need to know they can resist mind control and yes you are ultimately responsible for what you do even under mind control. This mind control I'm talking about is direct targeted mind control such as what is done to people that have been mind controlled into doing horrible things, not the kind of mass mind control most people are under. That kind of mind control is even easier to resist and people have no excuse.

  10. Mark can you please tell me what video you spoke last week about the agenda? I'd like very much to listen to it. people speaking harsh truth does nit bother me. I speak it myself and seem to offend people who simply can't take it then excuse themselves to death.


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