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  1. The #1 problem facing humanity today is anyone who hasn't taken the time to become well-informed, free of misinformation and disinformation, on all the major issues of today AND who is not giving their time, energy, resources, and talents to the political process to make sure that only the most Loving/most Wise among us become our public servants. They have blood on their hands. They are complicit in the heinous crimes against humanity and Gaia Mother Earth. They can never ever dare speak of Love, Peace, Joy, or Creativity. The plutocratic families, the corporate oligarchs, and the international banksters, many of whom are Zionists and/or members of secret societies, have got them exactly where they want them…out of their way.

  2. Allah apparently means "to be cursed" in Hebrew.
    "Beta" Christianity and now SJW programming lack the punishment for error. ("sin")
    The goal is to return to the Self and again know the creative origin of being alive.
    To be trapped is to be in Ego. Ego is the Effect relative to the Cause.
    Ego is being programming. Ego can be left or right brain imbalance.
    The psychopath becomes so dedicated to his Ego image that he rejects the Self.
    When you reject Self you reject creative power.
    A psychopath cannot originate creative thought, but it can trick others to see a manufactured Ego which is fake.
    To the psychopath the Ego is more important than Self… but they don't actually care about the Ego it's just a mask.

    Psychopaths love masks.

  3. THEY been working for GENERATIONS and they passed their WAYS down to their CHILDREN that have all so grown up to do work in the SAME EVIL WAYS. ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!! THEY should NOT walk the EARTH when they KILLED so many in this world.

    They are Luciferians and partake in it''s rituals in secret offering our CHILDREN in BLOOD SACRIFICES and using them to ENTRAP others in high places to control them.

    They have ALL WAYS been AMONG US FAR TOOOOOOO LONG Psalm 144:11 they have allowed the SPIRITS OF EVIL to grow and take them over Hosea 5:6

    They are ROOTED in SPIRIT from those BELOW Genesis 4:14 ABOVE Psalm 14:4 the MIRROR IMAGE OF PURE EVIL.

    They have kept TRUTH from all mankind so that you REMAIN SPIRITUALLY DEAD in every generation worshiping their gods their founders have given you. Isaiah 41:14

    WE the PEOPLE are ALL a MIXTURE of the FALLEN, MAN, ANIMAL Jeremiah 31:33

    WE the PEOPLE are ALL a MIXTURE of seeds that HAVE TURNED OUR BACKS ON G-D and have let THEM become our TEACHERS in RELIGIONS and WORLD KNOWLEDGE Jer.32:33

    WE the PEOPLE are ALL a MIXTURE of seeds that have been SOW in the SPIRITUALLY DNA of the MOST HIGH Jeremiah 31:27

    WE the PEOPLE are ALL a MIXTURE OF FLESH that can grow back our DIVINE NATURE OUT OF THE SPIRITUALLY DNA given ALL FLESH. Jeremiah 32:27

    WE the PEOPLE are ALL what can GROW BACK a DIVINE NATURE above/below heaven/earth first man was just CONCEIVED ABOVE. WE the PEOPLE the MIXTURE OF THE FALLEN , MAN, ANIMALS can be CONCEIVED ABOVE/BELOW GREATER THAN FIRS MAN Proverbs 20:27

    WE the PEOPLE are ALL to be given a NEW HEART & SPIRIT Psalm 51:10-11-12 Ezekiel 36:26 WE the PEOPLE are NOT DESTROYED like MANKIND in the passed Hosea 4:6
    WE the PEOPLE are CONCEIVED in the earth by G-D'S SPIRIT in heaven Zech.4:6

    WE the PEOPLE are THE SWORD that is pulled out from our HEARTS and with our new SPIRIT we go to WAR with THE MOST HIGH taking down all EVIL DRAGONS those strange people that went into HIGH PLACES to RULE MANKIND like BEAST and have SERVED and WORSHIPED THE SERPENT as god . Isaiah 27:1 to 4

    WE the PEOPLE are SHE the Anointed ones that ALL MIXTURE OF SEEDS who been CHOSEN BY G-D HIMSELF to be made STRONG Psalm 80:15
    THIS DAY: is the DAY in our TIME we all been CHOSEN as HIS anointed ones Deut.29:15. THIS DAY our CREATOR OF ALL THINGS embraced us ALL in THIS DAY. THIS DAY we the people can embrace HIM by choosing GOOD & LIFE Deut.30:15. THIS DAY we the people are given new teeth so not to feed on LIES or DECEITS Isaiah 41:15. THIS DAY comes so WE the PEOPLE can rise up from the DUST & stand up from the ASHES EVIL MARKED 9/11 A SYMBOL THEY HAVE USED TO MARK THE FALL OF MANKIND TO THEM. Jeremiah 33:15
    WE THE PEOPLE will NOT fall to ((( THEM ))) they will BE REMOVED FROM US BROKEN IN PIECES that have given the WRONG KNOWLEDGE and false gods so mankind did work of errors making them LIKE BEAST IN THIS EARTH Jeremiah 10:14-15.

    NOW RISE UP and STAND UP … for …your TEARS ..the MOST HIGH saved and WATERED YOUR ROOTS so YOU ALL can CHOSE to GROW BACK as the APPLES OF HIS EYE Psalm 17:8 to 15

    RISE UP from what THEY have made of you, YES , THEY MADE YOU EMBRACE EVILS they CREATED that your hearts and minds embraced and YOU ALL been lighting the FIRES OF HELL ON EARTH… YOU IN HELL ON EARTH and they have hidden behind all they STAGED for you end of days. Isaiah 28:15

    TIME is NOW not later NOW in your DAY to TAKE THEM DOWN !! Genesis 15:17 they kept you enslaved to them WAKE UP now and grow your DIVINE NATURE Psalm 17:15 turn back.

    THE SWORD; is she…. SHE ….is the NEW CREATION in the earth YOUR ALL TO BECOME.
    THE WOMAN is she…..SHE… is the NEW CREATION in the earth that grows from male/female/child/young or old Jeremiah 31:22 Jeremiah 51:20-21-22 note verse 23 RULERS /CHIEFS above/Psalm 14:4 /below/Genesis 4:14

    ALL FLESH will BE SET FREE …..if….if…THEY listen and obey HIS LAW to grow back the DIVINE NATURE with in them all. Isaiah 41:14 ( Jeremiah 33:25-26…if…if…you do not HEAR & OBEY they will RULE you and your children.

    ALL WILL RISE UP JEREMIAH 51:20-21-22-23 EZEKIEL 13:20-21-22-23 ((((((( nothing ))))IS TOO HARD FOR THE MOST HIGH who sow ALL FLESH in HIS DNA Jer.31:27 Jer.32:27 to grow back like first man but ABOVE/BELOW THE WOMAN:

    THE WOMAN: she is THE MOST HIGH anointed YOUR ALL TO SING ABOUT ….Isaiah 27:1 to 4

    THE WOMAN: she GOES TO WAR WITH THE MOST HIGH taking them down Psalm 2:1 to 4 and not casting off HER CORDS.

    THE WOMAN: she is THE MOST HIGH's SWORD, HIS BATTLE AXE and WEAPONS OF WAR in HIS HAND…. SHE does not PICK up the EVIL WORKMAN'S AXE and CUT down her ROOTS Jeremiah 10:1 to 4

    THE WOMAN: she CLEANS her VESSEL the TENT of MEETING and WAITS on the LORD to ENTER in and does NOT let EVIL cleave to her Psalm 101:1 to 4

    THE WOMAN: she is HIS SERVANT serving HIM in HIS HOUSE Psalm 110:1 to 4

    THE WOMAN: HE is the AIR she BREATHS…. JOB 4


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