1. The Freemasons are full of shit. They walk around like they are better than everyone because they keep a secret but their secrets are bullshit.

    Then they have the nerve to get mad if anyone talks negatively but what would you expect.

    True narcissistic assholes.

  2. Bullocks…some of those symbols are there to recognise signals for fucking in hotels….or other places.
    Masonry is about sex.
    and money.

    yawn….why does the human brain interpret things so wrong???? is it a function of selfishness?

  3. One small problem: seclORUM is plural and even if seculum can only have a singular meaning the question arrives why would they wright it in plural? Sometimes this has a rhetorical purpose but still it's unclear.

  4. The dove is also associated to the lunar / death deity by language. dove in latin is columba (columbus, columbia, columbine) and is associated with death by the columbarium which is a dovecot also utilized to store the urns of ashes of the dead–a mortuary is a dove house. That is why the dove is associated with the psychopomp of the holy spirit 'you will get peace in death you did not have in life'–rome and america are cults of death because christianity is a cult of death that worships the act of dying, sinfulness, sadness and guilt (and most importantly confession—gotta admit your wrong to someone 'of authority') instead aliveness and mirth. All of religion is about control and they do it through language and symbols and rites and rituals whether you know it or not.

  5. …also in Mark's attached to Youtube; MARK PASSIO: "DE-Mystifying The Occult" (Part 2) on which comments are not allowed in the decoding of Solomon's Temple, where Mark overlooked symbol in the center of the picture, triangle-ladder-sun = G (Heb. Letter). and now Gimmel or Gola-Exile, that's another story, all the same,but this Mark Passio appendix will delight especially cops, the so-called blue suits who somewhat understand English or pictorial letter

  6. …Mark Passio simplified explains some of the many things, except the letter
    "G", which in this case essentially means Gola – Exile or Diaspora ….. we do´not want
    now about the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet "G" which is written
    and pronounced Gimmel- geeh-mel, YHWH himself identifies with the only
    redeemer of Israel and humanity and also was revealed as gado and gibbor
    * big and powerful …. the one who brings the truth g'eulah or
    redemption. Letter G belongs to one of the eight letter of the law
    ("Sha'atnezgets") and in some rolls of the Torah above them as well as the
    letter G has placed a crown "tagine" … i.t.d.Therefore, Masonic symbol "G" = Gola, does it make sense?


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