Uploaded for pacsteam.org / pacman.pt.vu On October 19th, 2013 Mark Passio presented his seminar “Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction” at the Yale Omni, organized by Arthur Capozzi & Christoph…



  1. My spirits told me to turn the world upside down, and you'd be starting to get it right. You just confirmed everything I've been learning from them for many years. What a relief that others understand.

  2. I play this when I got to sleep now,  usually wake up as soon as it ends.  Silence actually works as an alarm clock!   I heard many times while awake  and every time I get something new out of it.   Probably the only 8 hour lecture worth listening to.  Even listening to it in my sleep seems beneficial.

  3. I really appreciate the effort and passion that Mark Passio puts into his work. Very clear and concise delivery. Listening to his podcasts from the beginning (trying to do one per day). Very enlightening. He is a great teacher.

  4. Your Perception is Your Reality. We all as humans share a common reality, at the same time, we each have our own reality, or we all experience what we deem as reality quite differently. Reality is experience.

  5. I discovered the work of Mark Passio about a year ago and it has overwhelmingly changed my worldview. What I was already partially aware of, or trying to map out in terms of information I could apply to and use in my daily life, Mark Passio's is most certainly one of the strongest voices which enabled me to bring this into physical existence. It has changed me and my immediate environment for the better, and for this I'll always be grateful. This seminar in particular was what made it able for myself to articulate many issues around me, and do something about them.

  6. Mark Needs Technical Volunteers Local To Philadelphia

    An Important Message From Mark Passio To All Those Who Have Benefited From The Material Presented On What On Earth Is Happening
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  7. Mark is the MOST respected research with wisdom, integrity, intelligence, righteousness and high moral fiber which is PERFECT and a MUST for our culture, humanity evolution and wake-up. He is like distilled water to wash away of societal cancer – rotten of human heart and consciousness.

  8. Thank you for all your info. It was very interesting and what a speaker! Well done to you Mark for keeping me interested for so long. Its the longest video I have ever watched! x

  9. Mark admits the truth, that we are all slaves to a screwed up system & can't get what we want until the system is taken down. Yet he says we have free will to create our reality if we use & follow the Natural Laws.
    If we're slaves, which we are, in more ways then he knows or will admit, we can't have total free will. Sure we have limited free will in how we respond to the situations we're given, but only to a point.
    If he or anyone thinks we could ever have free will with a microchip planted in your arm forcing us to live within a grided virtual reality system which is no different to having a gun pointed to your head he/you're a blind niave idiot

  10. I think solipsism susceptibility must derive from the catholic church and its conception of 'faith'. The acim invites you in with faith. To screw you over. We need to have our wits about us. People should look into the arguments that say the catholic church is actually the anti-christ. They corrupted the words in the bible, they even got rid of the 3rd commandment.

  11. The only thing I didn't understand was the holographic part that if you cut a hologram it just loses the resolution but it keeps every every part of it in the in the aggregate

  12. The macro and the micro
    .. ever since I was a small child I think even before grade school I always had that notion of the micro in the macro we are the atoms in the molecules inside of the Creator and the universe is inside of us… no one ever told me that it came to me out of I don't know it was like you inately in me… and I've always felt that way

  13. Got a lot from this talk but why call people morons and blocks etc? They have been beaten down thats all. And he sounded like a petulant child when speaking about his grandmother. These older people have been through more wars and had more propaganda thrown at them than us and then of course passed that down to their children etc. And This be the Verse. The way to make people go bad is to eat away at their confidence and make them think they're idiots and so what's the use of trying to learn new ways? Exactly what schools have been up to for years.


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