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  1. Mark Needs Technical Volunteers Local To Philadelphia

    An Important Message From Mark Passio To All Those Who Have Benefited From The Material Presented On What On Earth Is Happening
    I have been attempting to build a local What On Earth Is Happening Team
    in an effort to generate even more information towards the Great Work
    of ending slavery on Earth and creating a truly free society. I have
    been actively looking for LOCAL freedom-minded TECHNICAL VOLUNTEERS,
    who appreciate this work and what it means for our world, to work
    side-by-side with me doing A/V Production and Web Development.
    I have repeatedly asked for help to move forward with my media
    production, both publicly and privately, over the course of the last
    year and a half. To date, my efforts to assemble a local What On Earth Is Happening Team have been completely unsuccessful.
    I have done all of the technical work that is necessarily involved in
    such a large undertaking almost completely by myself, apart from some
    assistance from friends, when they can. The presentation of this
    material, the web development, graphics, trouble-shooting, and the
    audio/video work for What On Earth Is Happening is a considerable amount of effort, and because this work has been generated largely by myself, it has greatly limited
    the amount & scope of information and material I have been able to
    put out. Much has been planned, but new projects have not been able to
    be realized without regular technical assistance.
    I have given my personal time, effort and knowledge very freely over
    the course of the last ten years of my life, while personal resources
    have been very limited. I feel that it is both reasonable and, at this
    time, absolutely necessary to ask for some volunteer help to try to grow
    the outreach of What On Earth Is Happening and its message of Freedom.
    Should the assistance I require not manifest soon, I will need to halt all public work related to What On Earth Is Happening.
    I need a few talented and competent volunteers LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA with very specific skill-sets, including:
    Web Development: expertise with Content Management Systems, PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, etc.Live Broadcast Production: expertise with live
    video recording, video broadcasting software, and streaming solutions
    for producing live internet video broadcastsVideo Editing: expertise with Final Cut Pro or Adobe PremiereGraphics Production: expertise with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for web and print graphicsTechnical Support: high-level expertise with troubleshooting custom Hackintosh systems
    For consideration for the What On Earth Is Happening Team, you MUST BE LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, as all work will be done on-premises, at my home in Philadelphia. Do NOT respond to this request unless you are LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, or are capable of traveling to Philadelphia on a regular basis.
    If you are serious about being considered for the team, email and include samples of your recent work. Please do NOT change the subject line, or your email will not be read.
    Thank you,
    Mark Passio

  2. Thank you for your efforts Mark! I have been a truth seeker for a decade now since going to Iraq as an infantry marine and seeing what was going on in the middle East. I have spent many years progressing my spiritual awareness and would now consider myself a yogi who hopes to instill this knowledge in other combat veterans around the world by working together in greenhouses growing organic food for their local communities and slowly turning these trained killers into yogis themselves. If you can share in my vision please contact me at or donate ETH

  3. I would recommend to anyone here to start listening to Mark Passio's podcasts starting with Podcast One and going step by step through them. That is the only way to really absorb and integrate what he is teaching. I have listened to almost all of his lectures and am through Podcast 12 on his site and I am barely scratching the surface of understanding these things much less integrating them. It takes some work but taking in this information in bites daily does add up. Turn off the TV, step away from social media and video games and start giving your soul daily bread that matters. It's worth it.

  4. YOU have to do the DEEP SHADOW WORK for YOURSELF!!! God, i love him – one of the last real Heroes on this Earth!
    Would be the greatest Honor to speak with you one Day in person. If not, we will see us one Day on the other side.

  5. Nature does not have Right and Wrong laws as Mark Passion confidently alleges e.g. its "wrong" for predators to kill and eat mothers and fathers of innocent animals so they in turn can feed their own infants and thus condemn the family of the eaten victim to starve to death. Its "wrong" for natural disasters to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people as recently happened with the tsunami wave. Nature has no right and wrong as Mark confidently suggests. If you believe the occult or religion its "wrong"for so called God / Goddess / Source to create evil forces , its even "wrong" for humans to die, no one wants to die but we do….Mark is wrong….

  6. Ephesians 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
    6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  7. passio is so deluded. referring to what he's selling as 'knowledge' when all it is is tired old blavatsky/manly p hall/jordan maxwell crap. he and all the others who believe themselves adepts who understand esoteric occult garbage are a waste of time.

  8. No disrespect intended, but Mark should be recognized as just another steppingstone on YOUR personal journey… do not glorify anybody. Take your time, digest, innerstand and then apply his information in your life wherever it feels right for you, but do yourself a favor and never stop questioning everything and everybody… Even though most of his message is very valuable, it is only HIS (still limited) perspective and not the full story by any means. The story really never ends… it's all about YOU as a creator and what YOU are able to make of and in your world.

    In fact, nothing else matters.


  9. i wish i had a better grasp of this stuff. i have a genuine desire but maybe my brain has been too compromised with a lifetime of garbage & toxic pharmaceuticals & i will never be able to grasp it. it's depressing & frustrating. i am desperately searching for something & feel like i just keep going in circles. then you start taking in all different sorts of perspectives & are on collective overload & feel doubtful & unsure as to which direction to go in. i guess that's where i am at & i feel like each day is another waste because i haven't experienced anything even remotely close to 'right' & i am useless to others & that is most disappointing of all, like why bother existing? starting to wonder if i might be a useless eater, though i don't eat much.

  10. Mark Passio led me to the door. I walked through it, & have never been more grateful for life, Truth & Freedom, & what he’s doing. Thank you, Mark, you’re abrasive style is excellent.

  11. In his podcast series does he explain how to overcome the unconscious mind? Cause if he doesn't know that then he's flogging a dead horse and he calls himself a expert on mind control. The vegan stuff is garbage also as humans we're still infants and many need meat to survive as our own inner system hasn't evolved fully for a lot of people to only eat fruit and veg. His work isn't going far because of these two main points and he's blind to it.

  12. Brugge taxidriver 🎁 greetings from Belgium Brussels opec otan nato bankster gang the europhiles and there lobbying crime syndicate the royals von saxo Coburg gota even molenbeek where they use Syrian passports the 14 the most corrupt on the world list oh yeah they lose 6000 samples to convict elite pedofiles dutroux case we're Laurent Louis was trown out for speaking the truth,lucky me off being counsious aware greetings to mark I hope to see you in this life

  13. I'd like this video but I didn't bother to watch it in it's entirety. But I'm pretty sur it's much of the same stuff In have listened to Mark Passio rant and preach about over dozens of his YouTube videos. I've also tuned in a little bit to his what on earth is happening website podcast 3 maybe 4 or 5 episodes I just consider all the critically important knowledge common sense, about 80% of which I've already know befor witnessing dozens of his youtube videos andf a few podcast episodes, learned very little to nothing I have'nt already know about from those few episodes afer them dozens of videos, at least of critical importance. I think I may watch a few more to inquire on what his take/opinion is on offering sex to people and sex-mating behaviours in general while I'm at it if further general information non sexual-attitudes and sexuality is addressed.

  14. I am with the Communist deep state. I think we need get some FBI guys and other paid trolls to dress up in Black Bloc gear. Then have them run around the streets smashing shit carrying anarchist signs, and screaming anarchist shit. We need to make all these guys at this convention look bad. Oh never-mind……we already do that shit all the time!

  15. Luv this guy and his sentiments , but am afraid he mite be floging a dead horse 🐴. The machine kingdom is rising the singularity is near and rite about NOW the majority of humanity is sound asleep 💤 , I don’t know about anybody else , but there’s no chance I’m coming back as a cyborg in the machine kingdom , cus that’s exactly wear humanity is heading believe wot you fucking want , Cus belief is just a whim anyhow , this is wots happening recognise wots real in all th~IS THE ISNISS THE ALLIS. or don’t


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