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  1. the second part we are not allowed to post comments ,but the second part is wonderfull ,and the best part is that of armies and police are the most responsible of all these crimes committed against humanity ,this been in my mind long ago ,that is why are despise those individuals and they make m e sick to the very core of my soul.since long long ago..

  2. sir I just want to say thank you!! God bless you for exposing all this ,thank you !! you putting in words my personal feelings things that I persian day and night ,my heart is mourning with pain to see evil men murdering other humans ,and humans bee blind by will ,but thank you again!!

  3. so farr I heard a quater of the exposition ,and is really what I see ,is what it is ,and and it is true satanic religion is not a boo religion is a deeper sinester agenda of enslave the goy.

  4. I guess once sb is indoctrinated with that stuff, there is no hope to free their mind from it again. This guy does not want to be bad, but he still remains within the 'light'part of their doctrine.. . He is still deceived. A partial truth is not the real truth. One needs to exit the whole web of doctrine to be free.

  5. He speaks a lot of truth, but continuously does a very insidious thing in these talks of always inserting the american flag. That is the main target of the cabal. To destroy America and the west. They have to destroy the old order first before they can fully manifest 'the new world order'. America is founded on liberty and justice for all. The cabal must destroy it, because it is the opposite of itsself. They work to subvert it, infiltrate institutions and government, but also destroy America in people's minds by projecting their evil onto America.

    I don't know if he is being deliberate in doing that or just ignorant or uncautious. The globalists work to destroy the nation states. Now some nations can use reforms (especialy getting the cabal out of power). It is the nations that stand in between the cabal and ultimate power.
    They have the money, the bunkers and can afford the private armies for when this world turns to chaos and ashes. That is their goal and then to rule in the new world order they create.

  6. Boston marathon was a hoax and not a false flag. They didnt even need to actually kill anybody to get what they wanted. Just to show the power that they have. 1 guy that blew the lid off that was peekay22 on youtube. Who has since stopped making videos after being silenced it seems by the australian police for a different set of videos on a different event

  7. For someone as articulate and eloquent as Mark who knows words and their definitions most of us don't it's totally out of character for him to continuously keep using the word heterosexual in describing the vile deviant homosexual practices of the filth who go to the Bohemian Grove gathering.

  8. I'm still a doubter. What he is saying can be found in every country and organization. He's basically talking about social organization and social forces and associating that with secret societies. Even if no secret organizations existed social control and forces will still exist. And whether you think it's evil or good is just someone's opinion.

  9. The horns on all these devils are exit wounds. Passio had me going reading ab't Triune brain formation wo his name anywhere. He's post-cult when cults & cult deprogrammers have had their day. One bad as the other. This is a time of extreme thinking, extremely repellant looking ppl (NYC), extreme weather, extreme displacement, extreme politics.

  10. The work of Mark Passio, should be gifted to all our friends and relatives who are unaware. The info Mark provides could save the life of a child.


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