This is a video of Mark Passio’s presentation, “Occult Mockery Of Police & Military Personnel,” at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA on April 10, 2011. Mark’s presentation…



  1. Man I knew about proxy wars and geopolitics and my sister just joined the air force ive been trying to warn her but now after seeing this it just takes it to a whole new level. Breaks my heart.

  2. I am ashamed to have given this garbage a view count.
    I am equally ashamed to have found it because of a message I received on the dating site Plenty Of Fish.
    You are not academics you are fanboys.girls who are pissed off because your fiction is poorly written and has no appeal. You should try in the anime market. They love absurd European fiction in Japan.

  3. Someone please enlighten me, what kind of "CARE" do the so called "BALANCED" and "ILLUMINATED" dark occultist truly achieve and or exhibit? They mock the military police dogs and zombie dead peoples of the earth, then brag about how much control they have over everyone, how smart and enlightened is that? Just because someone share a secret with them and not someone else is the only thing they have. If they were that illuminated they would share.

  4. Too bad you didn't speak of the positives and negatives in Gematria. 666 is also the "upright" pentagram — man/woman in full awareness of the divine nature of love, the self, the other, and nature. It is the number of Venus in her positive manifestation of love, peace, harmony, humanitarianism, and familial relations. Also, the number 9, in it's positive mode, is the highest number of humanitarianism, consciousness, self-sacrifice for the greater good, and evolution; what you do to others — for the benefit or destruction of humanity — always comes back to you — positive or negative.

  5. Metatron's Cube is one of Platon`s characters which you can find in the fruit of life.  You can use it for balance the right and left hemispher of your brain. Octagon is also one of Platon`s characters from the fruit of life and is a symbol of power but not only for control people. With it you can powered your food, water, body,energy. Each symbol has its pozitive and negative use. It depend on each person how it will be used. So don`t believe everything. Use your head and heart, mind and emocions. If you don`t feel good with anything in you life be alert. First consider deep and then act

  6. Mark Passio gives thorough teachings on things I never knew or even thought could be for real.  He is very good at symbols & English word meanings taken from latin.  If you have an overly critical spirit – you cannot learn what he has to say.   No one great teacher has the answer to everything!!!  He also teaches very real answers to our brain functions. 

  7. Pol i ce = policy. Police are policy enforcers. United States is in bankruptcy owned by its creditors the jews at the Federal Reserve and City of L on the Don. Police enforce the policy enacted by Con gress according to the dictates of the Creditors.

  8. i thought the 'star' represented saturn? like the word stur…star worship is linked to saturn worship which is being going on for ages…control on Earth is via this saturn mindset whatever it is

  9. The verse of the gospel of Luke is in the bible search Luke 11:34 , he change the word of the scripture . The dual eyes thing is WRONG don't follow what these teachers teach but research EVERYTHING YOURSELF .

  10. This Guy is RIGHT ON!! I started speaking out as a young kid on the Abusive Family system and how Parents are "training" their children to blindly follow,, I was bashed down for saying it ALL my life. I challenged "Authority" my whole life because it was Natural to do when I was young, before I was programmed. I persisted and did Fitness, Yoga Meditation in the 80's,, as a teenager, young adult. It was very difficult to find ANY one my age who was asking these ?? I was treated like I was Nuts,, Now it's all coming to fruition!


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