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  1. Mark Needs Technical Volunteers Local To Philadelphia

    An Important Message From Mark Passio To All Those Who Have Benefited From The Material Presented On What On Earth Is Happening
    I have been attempting to build a local What On Earth Is Happening Team
    in an effort to generate even more information towards the Great Work
    of ending slavery on Earth and creating a truly free society. I have
    been actively looking for LOCAL freedom-minded TECHNICAL VOLUNTEERS,
    who appreciate this work and what it means for our world, to work
    side-by-side with me doing A/V Production and Web Development.
    I have repeatedly asked for help to move forward with my media
    production, both publicly and privately, over the course of the last
    year and a half. To date, my efforts to assemble a local What On Earth Is Happening Team have been completely unsuccessful.
    I have done all of the technical work that is necessarily involved in
    such a large undertaking almost completely by myself, apart from some
    assistance from friends, when they can. The presentation of this
    material, the web development, graphics, trouble-shooting, and the
    audio/video work for What On Earth Is Happening is a considerable amount of effort, and because this work has been generated largely by myself, it has greatly limited
    the amount & scope of information and material I have been able to
    put out. Much has been planned, but new projects have not been able to
    be realized without regular technical assistance.
    I have given my personal time, effort and knowledge very freely over
    the course of the last ten years of my life, while personal resources
    have been very limited. I feel that it is both reasonable and, at this
    time, absolutely necessary to ask for some volunteer help to try to grow
    the outreach of What On Earth Is Happening and its message of Freedom.
    Should the assistance I require not manifest soon, I will need to halt all public work related to What On Earth Is Happening.
    I need a few talented and competent volunteers LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA with very specific skill-sets, including:
    Web Development: expertise with Content Management Systems, PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, etc.Live Broadcast Production: expertise with live
    video recording, video broadcasting software, and streaming solutions
    for producing live internet video broadcastsVideo Editing: expertise with Final Cut Pro or Adobe PremiereGraphics Production: expertise with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for web and print graphicsTechnical Support: high-level expertise with troubleshooting custom Hackintosh systems
    For consideration for the What On Earth Is Happening Team, you MUST BE LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, as all work will be done on-premises, at my home in Philadelphia. Do NOT respond to this request unless you are LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, or are capable of traveling to Philadelphia on a regular basis.
    If you are serious about being considered for the team, email and include samples of your recent work. Please do NOT change the subject line, or your email will not be read.
    Thank you,
    Mark Passio

  2. Refusing to look at the 'dark' side of reality as espoused by the so-called religious and moral cabal is like someone living in a mansion refusing to come out of the cupboard they've hidden themselves because they were told it's haunted, that little cupboard they're in is just another unit in the structure, it's of it and the religious types think their loss of influence is down to them upholding ancient virtues in a dark age, no your loss of power, power that came from these dark orders is because you've fulfilled your function in reducing mankind to putty in these dark occult hands, you are no longer fit for purpose, your dead archaic words, your costumes, your whole machinery of belief was constructed to fit the dark order of reality and now you and your meaningless sterile piety have been jettisoned into the abyss. Your invented hierarchical God and his dour minions, the human need you supposedly base your worthless existence on and which you need more than it needs you on has abandoned you so if I were you I'd looked at the occult, the substance from which you and your whole illusion was shaped, fed as you were on spiritual soundbites neatly placed in a book to pacify the fearful, because only by doing that will you start to understand by looking through the dark cloud, where the true light is and how it was hidden from you.

  3. Satanism is a real and ancient religion, but not the most ancient, and not pure and undefiled. Satanism is antinomianism. That is nonconfirmity through the concept of transgression. I'm reminded of a quote by Aldo Leopold, "Nonconformity is the highest evolutionary attainment of social animals". That is how the brute beasts, also called Satanists form order out of what they call chaos. They are marked as vagabonds wandering the dry places and doing whatever they can to preserve their own lives; so afraid to lose. The acting of these liminal tricksters is disgusting, disguising themselves as being tough and intelligent. What a joke, only I'm not laughing. What a bunch of clowns in the cloaks of philosophers. JUDE 1 for the satanists. The endgame of Satanism is eternal death in fire. Their houses get cast into outer darkness. The gospel of Christ is order out of obedience to "THE" gospel. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOSPEL. That gospel is to strive lawfully by working out your own salvation with fear and trembling first, knowing that Christ IS who HE IS, and then you can see clearly to help others see that obedience to the gospel of Christ can remove the speck out of their eye. "THE" GOSPEL SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Those who author confusion by putting their own vain face on the gospel, and falsely claim to know what Christ is saying, are choking on the words of their own gospel, which is another gospel and not "THE" gospel, and though their houses may be made rich, their glory will not descend after them. Shame is the promotion of fools.

  4. Anyone, anyone they put in your face, show you a photo of, give you a history of whether he's a billion or zillionaire is nothing but a lackey, a decoy, a lower down in the order, a straw dog, expendable functionary in the order of darkness, just visible enough for our consciousness to aim brickbats at and to give the illusion of the power of money but money has no power, its' the illusion of its' power that has to be maintained and that's why these shady creatures are put up as the elite but they're no such thing.

  5. Nietzsche spoke of ubermensch and untermensch, the higher and lower man which of course a crowd of untermensch who didn't understand what he was getting at used to cause havoc in Germany probably with major input from the dark occultists or whatever they are. The ubermensch is in reality the man of truth, actual truth not intellectualized truth but these dark occultists are in reality the elite of the untermensch mentality, they are in contradiction to the truth but not to dualistic thought, the naked lie is their ground and from that they operate creating an illusion of themselves as ubermensch by keeping the rest of us trapped in dualistic perception, morality, principles, creating the illusion of good and evil, ideology, basically all this isn't just untermensch perception, it's sub-untermensch because a lower man who humbles himself and accepts his higher self guidance, actually becomes it and untermensch then becomes nothing but the material plane vehicle it really is, for fucks sake to call this ubermensch state Christ consciousness or Nirvana etc comes with all the baggage but that's what it is, loss of ego which is nothing but the baggage, the load in consciousness carried by the untermensch to protect itself from universal reality. As long as we exist in the fear based consciousness of the untermensch controlled by a supreme council of untermensch or dark occultocracy masquerading as ubermensch through the simple device of seeing through the dualism illusion though cowering in their lairs from the glare of truth, our reality and consciousness will be manipulated by these fiends, our illusory ideas of good and evil will be played off against each, binding us into an ever tightening grip of fear, control and subjugation to a dark will we don't comprehend. Break out of duality and see the lie of yourself, the thing we fear most then we'll see the lie itself and the machinations of those who control our perception.

  6. In my humble opinion…weather warfare is ""globalist"" and I see it BIG TIME now. If Trump is serious…he had better get a grip on the reality of things. He is much too Isreal centered !!!

  7. Do you pick the photos for these things while the audio plays? Not trying to tell you how to run your channel or nitpick. I really do like all the information you gather. The pictures don't usual relate to what's being said and I get it's just some visuals. I gusse specifically my problem this time with it is the Trump thing you picked and chose as the thumbnail. I can't believe you really believe he's the guy. That he's on our side.

  8. Much love to all you you do!!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on my one minute syncretism presentations that I learned from my mentor and brother, Mr. Santos Bonacci!! I am also a teacher at University of Iowa where I bring consciousness into dance.


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