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  1. Lets be objective here…racial profiling is based purely on pattern recognition. I don't jump into a tiger pit because I believe #notalltigers are bad. They aren't go to stop an old white lady with her grandkids and pat her down. She doesn't fit the recognized pattern of flight terrorists, so she's much less of a cause for concern. They look for other indicators too. If they see a white guy looking around nervously, clutching his bag and sweating, they'd stop him too. Theres only a certain amount of money that can be spent on this kind of thing, so they have to look at the pattern of the type that commits terror like acts, and question those who fit that pattern.

    Sorry but I just don't think that kind of thing is racism.

  2. You do realise mark that racism is not a 1 sided thing, there are black and brown racists against white people too? Just look at what Mtv promotes, white guilt for shit most of today's generation had nothing to do with. I'm not a racist either, but in reality, the left is all about reverse discrimination, attack on men, attack on whites, eventually we're gonna have an attack on straights too. It's called political correctness, or marxism.

    Police brutality is a problem for everyone, but I will say anti-white racism is a lot more prevalent today because of white guilt and liberalism, than anti-black or anti-brown, or anti-colored racism. Not only is it a lot more prevalent, but it's encouraged and blatant as hell. I'm not really ashamed or proud of "my tribe," just calling the shots here.


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