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  1. the word ancient egyptian word 'Amen' said worldwide at the end if a prayer actually means 'occult'. perhaps, the meaning was intentionally distorted to mean 'so be it' but as Amen is the highest state of being within us, and is located at the top of the tree of life/kabbalah/spiritual anatomy, the meaning that 'so awaken living God within' seems more clear. however, even when explained to people that they are saying the egyptian word for occult that distinction is lost on them. love to all….

  2. the greatest masters of egypt were of predynastic, atlantean stock. they had a connection to the creator that modern man seems to be lacking.
    thoth was said to be 1/2 god/alien and 1/2 human. also, he is said to have left in 1998 having been born over 400,000 y.a. as seen in the book 'the flower of life'. his picture taken before he left is there too if you choose to accept that information.
    love to all sentient and insentient beings…
    read the emerald tablets of thoth the atlantean to get more light

  3. Again Passio is not aware why millions of people from west come to India for teachings and The knowledge of the self and mysticism has its roots in India & its been like that for thousands of years…

  4. So right on dear man- righteous philosophy stolen from us- replaced with the theology (dogma) of the gangsters of empire.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You possess the spirit of the real Christ just like Bonacci does.

  5. thank you Mark, I do share you at times with important people in my life. I found a beautiful song came to me at the perfect time, The song is called gabriel and it is by an exceptional artist called lamb.

  6. I do believe mark is reading from the Kybalion. it's been a while, but I'm thinking I'm right. A good read if anyone is interested in the hermetic principles of Natural Law.


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