Anarchast Ep.388 Jeff interviews returning guest, Mark Passio of What On Earth Is Happening. Topics include: the co-opting of Christianity, mind control, false flags, the state of the truther…



  1. Obama the 8 ball put everybody asleep and killed the Soul of the World. God became a taboo word.
    Wow, Mark, you an I both had a rough 2 years. But back in the saddle again! Yay!

    Hey everyone check out Mark's latest announcement. whatonearthishappening might just R.I.P…. he needs help. he needs the following LOCAL help, LOCAL only, he needs TEMPORARY volunteers with these skills:

    "I need a few talented and competent volunteers LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA with very specific skill-sets, including:

    Web Development: expertise with Content Management Systems, PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, etc.
    Live Broadcast Production: expertise with live video recording, video broadcasting software, and streaming solutions for producing live internet video broadcasts
    Video Editing: expertise with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere
    Graphics Production: expertise with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for web and print graphics
    Technical Support: high-level expertise with troubleshooting custom Hackintosh systems
    For consideration for the What On Earth Is Happening Team, you MUST BE LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, as all work will be done on-premises, at my home in Philadelphia. Do NOT respond to this request unless you are LOCAL TO PHILADELPHIA, or are capable of traveling to Philadelphia on a regular basis."

    Deadline is March 10th 2018, he cannot continue this line of work any further without help from us.

    For more information here is the original message: /watch?v=8DqVTpJX-JM
    Copy and paste this wherever you see mark passio's work please.

  3. this man is a true super star you better listen to him he is telling you truth . You want freedom ? hear it is TRUTH will set you free .so listen up retards and wake the f uck up !!!! peace out.

  4. My thoughts…

    I agree with comments made centering around the 26:00 mark. I think the people, or more like people for whom are in the know will find it very easy to comprehend that we are being subjected to a preemptive strike to stop the masses from waking up. e.g. fluoride, aluminum, lead, distractions and all the other methods aware or awake people already know of as of late.

    Even though individuals from the past made comments that "there would be a gun behind every blade of grass in the US"…many current and past aggressions like 911 are meant to provoke a fear response that would undoubtedly be met with the same 'Tesla' technology used to 'disintegrate the World Trade Center. In fact those like my pion self who speak up are already being wrongfully targeted in many once hard to fathom ways.

    Times have changed.

    So, even if we gun rights supporters had "ALL" the 'conventional' weapons at our disposal, we can see that the weaponry available to the 'big wigs' could come at us through masonry or carpentry before we even had have a chance to turn our heads.

    As I've heard from others and have agreed, this will be a war that can to a large Degree only be fought by a large percentage of the populace who separate themselves by removing their contributions to its power, and it will still be a long hard road as usual. We will have no other choice unless there is some type of true Benevolent intervention which is very much necessary at this time because there is a purposeful dumbing down as a whole to the populace by malevolent characters in power who are, and have been calculating the results for many many years.

    We can still overcome this!

  5. I am, sadly, highly suspicious and vehemently opposed to the symbology that Mr. Passio is displaying in the background in not-so-subtle manner.
    The skull and crossbones really floors me… Right in our faces.
    Sir, Why tf would you do this — are you telling us where your allegiance lies?

  6. Has Mark ever came out and said that the Holocaust was a lie? If not, he is only a half truther in my eyes. I appreciate his work but this historical myth must be acknowledged. I say this because within the first minute the host mentions evil men and brings up Hitler. I wonder if he stays away from this topic because that's the one topic that gets channels shut down left and right. It's the answer to many questions that remain and connects all these events together.

  7. I think Mark Passio should look into Psychokinesis, I myself practice it but when you understand Psychokinesis it becomes easy too see how technology can control the weather and even create extremely controlled pyrogenesis. Honestly since all of this happened, and honestly literally I mean the moment it happened, I've suspected it is pyrogenesis.

  8. 911 had a hurricane just off the coast of New York that did a 90 degree hard turn to avoid New York on that day…. appears totally directed AWAY from this disaster.

  9. I have said before and I will say it again, if your gun can't go you don't go!
    And I will NEVER understand how 10 million Americans that have a right to abolish their government, still allow 1000, evil government people to blatantly kill us and rule over us, and we do nothing to them and their families, it blows my mind.

  10. True, there is only a few things that you can find full agreement about in europe, which is :
    1.These crazy americans have so much violence because common folks can own guns
    2.Trump is an idiot
    It's disturbing, it might mean Trump is a genius
    Point is that if you were to arm yourself here europe, you will die sooner than you would as a disarmed slave. There needs to be a culture change first. Agents of the state will come in the depth of night with flash grenades.

  11. The thing with Europe and places like the UK is they will fight the hardest against coming to terms with and understanding the self defence principle because the moment they do they will realise just how inslaved they really are, its a bitter pill to swallow and looking into the U.Ks offensive weapons list dose nothing but compound this, the list has things on it like ninja throwing stars (which really are quite an ineffective weapon) blow guns for firing darts (again a very ineffective weapon) an assortment of other ninja type weapons like chains with weights on them and metal key rings ect, extendable batons are also on the list, most of these so called offensive weapons are much less effective as actual weapons than things like kitchen knives, baseball bats or pick axe handles which are legal to have in your home but not on your person, the reason why the less effective items are illegal is simply because they are dedicated weapons, they do not want people to have recourse to any dedicated weapons for self defence, it really is depressing.

  12. The host is fucking annoying. "Excuse me while I let my dog in". Just another emasculated male that dotes on his pure bred toy terrier putting their dog before their fellow man, fucking pathetic. What is wrong with these fucking dog people. Also, Seems distracted the first half of the interview (again, too busy checking out his dog). Also, you could tell by his demeanor that he does not share Marks view about gun ownership. Just an observation.

  13. Mark Passio is right about the alt-right losing its heart. When the alt-media started up it was gaining momentum. However the results expected did not materialize. Despite the protests and activism it was business as usual.

    As the expected 'great awakening' didn't materialize and those who were at least partially aware something was wrong found that the social pressure and rejection from family and friends from their newfound conspiracy views made them isolated, they either left the scene, and alt media degenerated and broke up into groups of cult-like followers who believed their version of the conspiracy was the best one.

    And then there were the psy-ops like flat earth and infighting and smear campaigns between these different conspiracy alt-media groups that further weakened and destroyed whatever chance of a collective awakening.

  14. I recommend everyone read Tesla's patents and get a copy of the transcripts of the bankruptcy hearings in the bankruptcy of Westinghouse. The judge had to attribute a value to the growing patent portfolio owned by Westinghouse. So the judge had to have Tesla break it down for "dummies".
    Look, we got it so wrong in science, it is just a shame. Walls of Jericho? The Israelites walked around the city for seven days, and seven times on the seventh day with the ark. After which the trumpets and shouts of the men brought the city down, not one survivor. The ark was an electromagnetic device, and those folks were tuning it. How much voltage can be derived from the potential difference between the earth and the atmosphere? 14 trillion volts. Tesla has a nice little graphic showing how a circuit can be made to harness this potential. But wait, here is where it gets really interesting;
    The earth offers no resistance when a frequency of exact measurement is used. He said unequivocally the earth can be made into a battery, and unimaginable potential(in the form of a wave) deposited in the earth, and can be retrieved for three years with NO loss.
    Nathan stubblefeild discovered the earth is more efficient means of speaking to others using a phone. He did this before 1900 and it was witnessed by the most learned men of the day, and a photo taken.
    Tesla expounded on that, and basically found a way of pushing a wave through the earth with no loss. Folks, the earth is better for sending EM waves! That means there is a completely unexplored way we(the people of the earth) can speak and communicate with out the need of a third party intermediary. An apparatus tuned with another apparatus can commicate with that other apparatus anywhere on the earth, as long as you don't use FCC controlled frequencies(less available by the day, but still doable)
    People could communicate with out any body being able to monitor anything about the conversation, or even whether it occurred. They would have to know the exact frequency…lol. And that can be changed at any time… long as both devices are tuned exactly.
    Of course, relativity says the earth has way more resistance that atmosphere, so this would crush most science, and that is why this fact is left hidden in plain view. "Sure look at it, and try to understand, just know this Tesla guy is a crackpot"

  15. "Scalar" has become the catch all phrase for electric phenomena. Our education system has forgotten electricity, as they have relegated us to 60hz. Ever try playing a tune with one note? How interesting is that? Specifically the weapon used in Santa Rosa is called n ionizing particle beam. Here is a link to a post that has a taste of Tesla's design…….

  16. Wildfire 2017 California-Drone footage-KMart Burned -Trees Untouched!!!!Officials Asked about DEW" (Please watch or skip through til the end, maybe the last 5 mins…when Rumsfeld begins his Press Brief). I've never seen these before, crazy shocking! I'm wondering if these are being used for testing purposes and to use to 'rebuild' or push people into so called 'Smart Cities'. Strange.

  17. Some good info for people who are not as familiar with guns. It's shocking to see the list of deaths:
    “Outside of war, the greatest loss of human life in the 20th century came from governments. In nearly every case, disarmament preceded mass murder. Though some nations have been functionally disarmed without such atrocities, it is worth remembering:
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. Subsequently, from 1915 to 1917, 1.5-million Armenians, deprived of the means to defend themselves, were rounded up and killed.
    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. Then, from 1929 to 1953, approximately 20-million dissidents were rounded up and killed.
    In 1938 Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945 over 13-million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill, union leaders, Catholics and others, unable to fire a shot in protest, were rounded up and killed.
    In 1935, China established gun control. Subsequently, between 1948 and 1952, over 20- million dissidents were rounded up and killed.
    In 1956, Cambodia enshrined gun control. In just two years (1975-1977) over one million “educated” people were rounded up and killed.
    In 1964, Guatemala locked in gun control. From 1964 to 1981, over 100,000 Mayan Indians were rounded up and killed as a result of their inability to defend themselves.
    In 1970, Uganda embraced gun control. Over the next nine years over 300,000 Christians were rounded up and killed.”
    ~Guy Smith, “Gun Facts Version 7.0”


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