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  1. i am currently on the shaman path my beginning is going amazing its almost like the world starts falling into place. mind , body, spirit, relationships, and even money to get some things i need even without a job. #mushlove

  2. The chart at 18:30 is confused and confusing. The Taoist view relates that Yin is the feminine and dark aspect of material while Yang is the masculine aspect of light and consciousness. To transpose these definitions goes against all Eastern thinking and texts. In Sanskrit it is the same. Shakti is feminine mother earth. Shiva is male fertility through consciousness and action. Prakriti and Pursusha are other names in this yogic tradition. I don't even think that the western philosophies would consider male to be earth and female to be spiri. I've seen him use this slide before and get the terms yin and yang conflated. Just needed to state this for the record.

  3. What a good term…The Unbegun. very first time I have heard this term, sums up the condition of many humans. Stop lying is a lot easier than stopping dreaming. This dreaming as you say is nothing to do with daydreaming. It's more connected to the practice of putting One self in the foremost position, IE, as being in control and having qualities that in fact do not exist. This process of negative imagination is the key to control and domination of mankind

  4. Maynard James Keenan from Tool and A perfect circle as well as puscifer is the epitome of a modern-day shaman checking out if you've never seen or heard any of his music

  5. mark iv awoke as the result of addiction. pain phyical and mental help me get out of the matrix. I'm of celtic and indigenous America. decent. a mongral of a rich gene pool.we are all from indigenous people. I know the past present and future truth off of the way of mother earth.i see the truth in nature perfect from understanding super natural i understand the stars and being purified. craving natural food.monsato want to own the food.i will pray for them.and all the way of the hellenistc dialect. peace love n true light . bless the beautiful being . mother earth.the planet is hurting. so from that basis. it's brother sister planets are hurting. I'm off this world but not off this would. .

  6. Assimilation of knowledge=light=love! Great stuff Mark as always,my spiritual mentor a a Peruvian Shaman,oddly enough he used to work at Los Alamos labs in New Mexico before returning to his country where he was needed very badly because there are too many dark wizards running around these days. Th things he has shown me are remarkable,but more important he shredded my ego and self importance and helped me to acknowledge all the denials I had saved up through many lifetimes.


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