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  1. Yeah, gotta contain all them demons, just itching to get out, in light of that bad publicity.
    Sounds like you cry a lot alone in the shower. I AM DOING the Great Work.
    Giving up on money, possessions and societally-introduced problems allows me to see all of this in my rear-view fucking mirror.

  2. The Son of Man will sort this synthesised franchise of death out in a half hour, GAMEOVER. Time for an old fashioned harvest and a full Universe rebuild is on its way. This reality is an inverted and backwards perfect mockery of what creation and life should really be, this entire time line is a JOKE. Running this freak show on less than 10% ambient energy, MATRIX IS REAL, you are living on a circuit board and only CHRIST can get you out of this soul farm/prison.

  3. it is so easy in USA to live like you and talk about making people awake. in most of world if you try to talk this stuff religious people and government kill you. half of world is under religious control and dictator ship which is worst type. at least you can speak openly and no body dare to harm you. they will hang us in Iran.

  4. This guy has a misguided handle on Christianity. Dude is going to give himself a stroke if he keeps talking about his moral obligation but doesn't have any moral ground to stand on.

  5. The women pictures on this site posted on Passio's work to draw attention ? No dignity here. Let's post pictures in men of the same light, half naked, sexual projections. This site has no place in Passio's work.

  6. Who ever is posting this part of Passio lecture and Stefan Molyneux has serious mother/women issues. Women are other half of humanity worthy of respect. Let's make the playing field fair. Let's post about men issues. Pornography addictions, lack of courage and honor- as an example.


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